How to Find the Perfect Floral Arrangements for Your Daughter’s Wedding

In the United States, there are approximately 36,613 florist shops. So, finding the perfect floral arrangement for your daughter’s wedding should be an easy part of parenting. Well, only sometimes. Before you find yourself lost in all the options, take into account these useful tips and tricks for finding the ones your baby girl will absolutely adore.

Start With a Budget

The most influential part of choosing floral arrangements will almost always be the budget. It’s a good idea to allocate eight to 10% of the wedding budget to flowers. It can be adjusted up and down as needed, but this is always a reasonable starting point. Discuss with your daughter and her groom what they want to spend on flowers if they have put you in charge of this part of the wedding. Or, if you’re just filling the parenting role and going along for the ride, discuss this idea with them. Of course, please don’t be too overbearing, but they will thank you later when realizing they got the flowers they wanted without spending a fortune.

Visit Several Florists

Search for flower shops or florists near me, and take in the list of options at your fingertips. Record the information, and you and your daughter can go out and visit these businesses. You will get a better sense of the types of flowers they offer, the quality, and the pricing if you can see it first hand. In addition, the person you choose will be a part of your daughter’s wedding day, and you want to ensure that you can work with them comfortably. The last thing you want to deal with is a rude or unreliable florist.

Coordinate with the Decor

Discuss with your daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law what they’re incorporating as their theme. You want flowers that will coordinate well with the rest of the decor. For instance, if they’re having a tropical-themed wedding, Birds of Paradise, Orchids, and Pin Cushion Protea are always good choices. However, if they’ve chosen a rustic theme, white flowers like Peonies tend to pair better because they pop out of the darker hues associated with the country decor.

Consider Symbolism

Different flowers have different meanings, which may be something to consider when choosing an arrangement. Roses or red tulips, for instance, symbolize passion and love. Orchids, on the other hand, are a symbol of beauty and refinement. It’s an older tradition to use flowers this way at a wedding. However, if you find a selection that means something special to your daughter, you can consider that a parenting win!

Consider Hiring a Professional

Did you know that hiring a wedding planner to help with such situations is common? Around 27% of people getting married will use an expert, especially on the wedding day, to help ensure everything goes smoothly. It’s not bad parenting if you ask for a little help. Wedding planners automatically know what brides like, what works, and what doesn’t. If you go this route, make sure you book someone far in advance.

The most important thing to do when looking for the perfect floral arrangement for your daughter is to talk to her about it. Having adequate communication with your children is a vital part of good parenting. Chances are if your little girl is getting married, you’ve mastered this at some point. The worst thing you can do is try to guess or force something on her she’s not crazy about. Be patient, talk it over, and you will have no problems when it comes time to celebrate her special day.