Hands-On Jobs Your Teen May Consider After High School

You are a proud parent because your children have completed high school, and they are now ready to move to the next level of their life. However, the transition from high school to a career does not happen overnight. There is a short duration between where your teen has to stay at home before they can move out into the world. During this time, help your teen find a great job that can turn into a bountiful and successful career. They may even choose to pursue a college education or a different path after gaining this valuable experience.

Here are some benefits of hands-on jobs and some options your teen may consider upon high school graduation.

Benefits of Hand-on Jobs for High School Graduates

There are several benefits of hands-on jobs for high school graduates. These include:

  • Networking: Hands-on jobs offer a platform to interact with different people in and out of their field of interest.
  • Gain experience: These jobs give your teen a chance to grow mentally and gain experience in different fields.
  • Gain more skills: Money management skills, such as saving, and basic work skills, such as creating a good resume, are some of the skills that your teen will learn as they find their first job after high school graduation.
  • Build strong self-confidence and acquire a sense of responsibility.
  • Make their own money and not rely entirely on their parents.

So, what are some of the hands-on jobs that teens can undertake after high school? Let’s delve into a few options.

Field Service Management

Gone are the days when field service was meant for meager jobs, such as fixing a TV cable or repairing a downed power line. Today, high school graduates can land lucrative field service management jobs to learn how to deliver skilled, proprietary, and specialized services to commercial and industrial customers. This includes dealing with different sectors, such as health, education, and hospitality. In fact, 25% of the addressable market has been covered by market penetration for field service applications.


This is one of the hands-on jobs that can build a high school graduate whose passion lies in the health profession. Although it requires some training, this is a great opportunity for your child to learn and help save the lives of patients who need emergency health attention. Parenting is not an easy task. You have to know your child’s passion so that you can advise them accordingly.

Gas Technician

A gas technician is a professional responsible for the maintenance and repair of gas appliances and systems in commercial and residential premises. The job description for a gas technician includes fixing gas leaks, solving any issues with pumps, systems, and gas pipes, and documenting all the repairs and maintenance they have handled. This job is hazardous. That is why, before anyone is certified to service gas lines and natural gas appliances, they have to undergo advanced training.


Some high school graduates have been preparing meals in their homes since they were young. However, even if your kid has never switched on that gas cooker in your kitchen, they can still do well as a chef as long as they learn all the basic skills. The internet is packed with simple recipes that your child can start with to create mouth-watering meals professionally. The best approach to this is by teaching your child a few tricks at home and then trying to secure them a job at a local restaurant.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapy is a type of treatment aimed at helping injured and sick people heal faster. As an assistant, your teen’s job will help patients rehabilitate, heal, and adapt better to their everyday environment. Such patients could come from road accidents, as the abuse of alcohol and other illicit drugs plays a pivotal role in over 15,000 car injury deaths reported annually.

You must remain vigilant once your teen is done with high school. Instead of your child staying indoors and playing video games or hanging out with friends, it is better you put on your parenting armor and encourage them to get a hands-on job that can help them find a career they love long-term.

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