Get Your Children Outside This Summer With These Fun Activities

With video games, TV shows, and computer games at your children’s disposable, the summer can be difficult for parents who try to get their children outside and active. Luckily, there are ways to get your kids excited to go outside this summer. Consider the following fun ideas!

Be Curious: Set Up an Obstacle Course With Similarities to Their Favorite Video Game

One of those things that tend to keep children inside during the summer is their love of video games. These weren’t around, at least not in the same format that they are today, for many parents. So, it can be difficult to connect the outside world to the opportunities offered by video games. That’s why it can be useful to do something like setting up an outdoor obstacle course to mimic the games they love.

This idea will help your kids feel like they’ve jumped into the game, and it will get them outside and active, too! Minecraft is an excellent option for this, as the game is based around building and has millions of users. In China alone, there are between 400 and 600 million active players on Minecraft. However, there are plenty of other games your child may love and want to turn into an obstacle course.

You can go a step further and ask your children to create the obstacle course for you, the parents, too! This way, your kids will get outside, be creative, and have an opportunity to show you why they love their favorite game so much.

Stay Local: Have a Family Picnic In a Park

Bringing the whole family to the park for a picnic is a great way to get everyone outside at once. Playing and enjoying the good weather in a community setting is great for everyone! Truly, this is a great way to go and make lasting family memories while having a meal. Just remember to bring games to play and food that everyone loves so that you can enjoy the day for more than just a quick meal.

Be Creative: Tie-Dye and Decorate T-Shirts

A lot of times it seems like kids don’t know how to do the hands-on, creative things that they used to be interested in. Still, that doesn’t mean these things can’t still capture their interest if presented properly.

For instance, tie-dying t-shirts is a fun experience that lets children experiment with color and be creative. From there, children can go out and show off their new shirts to friends, or go outside and play games based on their new outfits. With the custom t-shirt industry projected to be valued at $6.9 billion by 2027, this is certainly not an activity your kids will grow out of!

You can also have your kids draw on the t-shirts before they tie-dye. They can draw a cartoon, their favorite food, write lyrics from their favorite, and more. Let your kids be creative and shine!

Be Active: Go For a Family Bike Ride Around Town

Another great way to get your kids outside is to take them on a family bike ride around your town. This will do a few great things. First, it will show them the town they live in while getting them outside to exercise.

It’s also a great way to get closer as a family. For many kids, though, this is also practice for their future. Biking is most kids’ first form of transportation, which means that they’ll need to be strong on their bike going forward. This is a great practice that they’ll need for years to come!

Upgrade Your Home’s Landscaping

Upgrading your home’s landscaping is a great way to make your home more beautiful and enjoyable to live in while also upgrading the value. You may even need to, as trees die on average after eight years in an urban area. Still, this is a great way to get out and make sure that your child is active outside with you while learning more about how to take care of a home.

If your kids are old enough, this is also a great opportunity to show them how to operate a lawnmower, a hose, and a sprinkler as well as show them how to take care of a garden and outdoor plants on your property.

Sometimes getting your kids excited to go outside in the summer can be difficult, but it gets much easier when you and your kids get creative! Utilize these tips to have an enjoyable, active, and creative summer this year.

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