Finding the Best Babysitter for Your Children

As a parent, you want to ensure you leave your kids in the right hands when you are away. That is why you need a good babysitter that will not make you check your phone every three minutes or look forward to getting home to check on the kids. Here are a few tips to help you find a quality babysitter.

Ask for Quality References

Ask your friends and colleagues with kids about any good babysitters they have worked with before. This is one of the best ways to know you are leaving your kids with the right person. Since 1938, when the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was enacted and a 40-hour workweek was established, it has become essential for parents to take a break every once in a while to unwind. However, it can be hard for you to relax when you are unsure who you have left your kids with. With good references from close friends, you will feel confident knowing your kids are in safe hands.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Check if the person you want to hire has worked with kids before. When they have experience, they will know how to handle a difficult situation that arises unexpectedly. In addition, when someone is babysitting an infant or children with special needs, that experience comes in handy. It is not every time that one will gain experience from working with other people’s kids. If one is an older sibling and has taken care of the younger siblings for the longest time, they can also make great babysitters if you find them trustworthy.

Can They Think Quick On Their Feet?

Accidents can happen at home even when one takes all the measures to ensure safety. That is why a babysitter needs to be quick in reacting to any situation. For instance, a child can slip and sprain their leg, hence requiring medical attention. When a situation like this arises, does the babysitter know any emergency numbers to call or an urgent care facility to take the child? About 75% of urgent care clinics employ a family practice specialist, and 47% of them have an emergency medicine specialist employed as well. Therefore, when there has been an accident at home, the babysitter should know an urgent care clinic to take the child to for medical attention. They should also know how to stay calm and how to remove a child from a dangerous situation successfully.

Are They Kind and Respectful?

These are two essential qualities that the babysitter will have to display when they take the role. When one is establishing a relationship with kids, they need to be kind. Since kids are impressionable, they are likely to be kind even to other kids and adults. A kind babysitter will make your kids feel accepted and comfortable. On the other hand, respect is equally important to both you and your kids. This means someone who can exercise some authority over the children without being rude. Correcting a child in a kind and respectful way is more successful than using a harsh and disrespectful tone.

Will They Engage Your Children?

Babysitting is not just being present in the home. Kids have a wild imagination, and they need someone who will engage them, giving them a fun and creative experience. With a 78% offline purchase rate from local mobile searches, you need to know your babysitter won’t sit on their phone while watching your kids, either. You will need a babysitter who is willing to engage the kids and keep them busy in a fun and productive way. When you’re interviewing potential babysitters, ask them ways they’ll keep your kids busy without using technology.

One role of parenting is finding a babysitter that will take good care of the kids. This does not have to be tasking and frustrating. Check if they have essential qualities a babysitter should have and tell them your expectations to avoid any frustration.

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