Doing Your Best As a Parent

Feeling Defeated

When you are scrolling through social media, do you find picture-perfect photos of parents and their child? Do you try to recreate a special moment and get upset because your own child is not cooperating like the child in the Instagram picture? Do you question the skills your child has against other children; whether your child is moving faster or slower in the development race? Well, good to know because we all do.

We, as parents, compare our child with other children. We also envy the perfect lifestyle we see on social media. That is okay. Parents are not perfect. It is okay to be emotional. It’s also important to look at all the happy moments you share with your little one. Cherish those amazing moments when they giggle and gleam with happiness. It is hard to enjoy the little moments and surpass them when we focus on other parents.

Worry Stage and Healthcare

Trying to do possibly everything correct is overwhelming. You are doing your best which is perfect for your child. Below are a few ideas to prepare for the growth of your little one:

  • toys and books

– fine motor skills
– identify colors
– identify shapes
– acknowledge music and sounds

  • sensory objects

– DIY crafts at home
– anything to stimulate the 5 senses

  • engage

– in conversations
– active play with them

When your little one is born, did you worry about them getting sick? Not have the right pediatrician? Did you interview and visit the clinic? Did you stress over daycare or staying at home? It is all normal. Worrying is part of parenthood. Healthcare is one of the first steps to accomplish when becoming a parent. Before your baby is born, you must seek out a pediatrician and schedule your child’s two-week checkup. Many health insurance agencies require a 30-day follow up to add your child to your insurance. If you miss the 30-day mark, you might be kicked off of your insurance plan. This can be very frustrating, especially if your child is handicapped or disabled.

Finding the perfect pediatrician is also frustrating if you have a child with health difficulties. You are looking for someone who would look out for the best interest of your child and family; someone who would do their best to give your child the best life they could possibly have. You are looking for someone who would grow with your child and adjust with the health changes in their life. A good example of this is Aveanna. They are a pediatric clinic for home care; specializing in autism, enteral nutrition, therapy, and even adult services.

It is hard to be a parent, especially a special needs parent. A special needs parent runs on less personal time and sleep. They give 150% of their attention and focus to their child. Most days are unexpected. Their child’s health and personality can change with the wind. Some children have triggers, and it is the parent’s job to recognize it. There are different therapy sessions a special needs child will have throughout their childhood and even adulthood. Also, there are many doctors appointments. Day-to-day activities can be more difficult for special needs, like grocery shopping, and running errands.

Daily Activity

Every home is different, whether it is with neurotypical children or special needs children. One important factor is developing a routine.

  • Find a quiet time before kids wake up

– drink coffee or read

  • have a breakfast plan
  • homeschool or school
  • schedule playtime

– t.v.
– tablets
– outside play
– indoor play
– playdate activities

  • supper plans

– meal plan
– crockpot meals
– date night

  • bedtime

– bath
– read books

Of course, incorporate medication schedule, if needed.

Parenting is difficult whether your child is neurotypical or special needs. It is important to remember how amazing each of these children are. These children have parents that are trying their hardest to do everything in their power to be the perfect parent. You are doing your best, and that is perfect for your child.

Photo by Zach Lucero

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