Can Getting a Dog Help Your Children Adjust to a Move?

Part of parenting is helping your children adjust to different stages in life. Moving can be a difficult change for kids, but getting a pet can help them feel at home in their new home. Dogs, in particular, are some of the most lovable and loyal pets that can provide comfort and companionship for children. Having a new companion during an already stressful time can be an invaluable source of support for your children. If you’re considering moving, below are five ways a dog can help children adjust for the move.

Take their Mind Off the Move

As of 2022, more than 19 million dogs attend dog daycare every single month. Whether your dog is in daycare or at home, having a four-legged companion can help your children focus on something other than the move. Dogs are loyal and love to play, which gives children a much-needed distraction from the stress of the move. Playing fetch with their new pup will help them forget about their worries and focus on having fun.

Provide Comfort and Security

Moving can be a scary experience and can make parenting all the more stressful. Dogs provide a source of comfort and security that can help your children adjust to the move. Dogs are always there to give unconditional love and companionship and can be a great source of comfort to children. Plus, they offer reassurance that your family is safe and secure in its new home. According to OnCue, professional moving services help with 650,000 moves every year. Just like you depend on moving services to keep your items safe during a move, your children can depend on their pup to provide them with emotional security.

Provide an Opportunity for Socialization

Socializing with other people and pets can be difficult when you’re in a new environment. Dogs provide an opportunity for children to engage in social activities that can help them adjust to the move. They can take their pup to dog parks, meet up with other pet owners in their area, or even sign up for puppy classes. Having a furry friend will also encourage your children to explore the local area and make friends. Having a canine companion has been linked to improved physical health as well as emotional well-being. From walks to trips to the dog park, dogs provide a way for children to maintain relationships and create new ones in their new environment.

Give Children a Chance to Explore New Neighborhood

Over 40% of all movers relocated less than 50 miles from their old home to their new one. While it might seem like a short distance, it is still a big change for your children. Dogs are natural explorers, and having a pup can give your children the opportunity to explore their new neighborhood together. Going for walks around the neighborhood will help your children become familiar with their new home as well as make some furry friends along the way. Consider enforcing daily walks to help your children explore their new environment.

Encourage Responsibility and Independence

Having a pet is a big responsibility, and it can be helpful for teaching your children the importance of taking care of something other than themselves. Having to take care of their pup can give children a sense of purpose in their new home. Teaching them how to care for their pup will also teach them important values like trustworthiness and love. They can practice being independent by feeding, grooming, and exercising the dog on their own, giving them a sense of accomplishment when they are done with it each task.

Getting a dog before or during a move might seem like an added stressor, but it can actually be a great way to help your children adjust. Having a loyal and loving pup by their side during this difficult time can give them the comfort, security, and feelings of independence they need to adjust to their new home!