A few things to know about low testosterone

According to a study published in Chronic Respiratory Disease, testosterone replacement therapy using legal steroids is effective in reducing the progression of disease in men having COPD.

A very large scale study was conducted for identifying the effects of TRT (Deca Durabolin style) on men with COPD. Two different groups were selected for testing purpose. One group consisted of men aged between 40 to 63 years and experiencing COPD who started the TRT within first 12 months of diagnosis. Another group consisted of 253 men aged 66 or older and were diagnosed with COPD.

Researchers compared the hospitalization rates between both TRT users and non-users. The result showed that the TRT users have significantly lower hospitalization rate as compared to the non-users of TRT. Also, the older users of TRT had 9.1% higher reduction in respiratory hospitalizations as compared to their counter parts. The middle-aged TRT users had 4.2% reduction with their nonusers of TRT.

The study faced several limitations, the first one was that the diagnosis was entirely based on ICD-9-CM codes, due to which the data could be misclassified. Another limitation is that the researchers didn’t included the information about the injection of drugs. The third limitation is that factors like diet, alcohol use was not taken in consideration.

The results clearly showed that the TRT could slow the progression of disease in men experiencing COPD, however, further research must be conducted in order to understand its complexity.

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