6 Tips for Fathers to Afford All the Medication Your Family Needs

Are you a father who struggles to meet the family’s medication needs? Do you have one or two family members in the house who require medication, but the costs are too high for you? Medication is usually expensive, especially if it’s for long-term care. Part of parenting is finding ways to lower that cost to ensure family members receive the necessary drugs. Here are some helpful tips for fathers to help afford medication for their families.

1. Utilize Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs

Most drug manufacturing companies have patient assistance programs to help people purchase prescribed medication at lower costs. Applicants need to show they don’t qualify for public or private health insurance to be considered. If you fall into this category, talk to your current healthcare provider about how to apply. In most cases, it’s your doctor or nurse who applies and submits the application to you.

2. Look Into Pharmaceutical Coupons

Coupons aren’t just for grocery or retail stores. They’re also being used in pharmacies all over the nation. You use them instead of insurance to cover the cost of medication. Pharmaceutical coupons are a welcome blessing considering how costly medicine can be. According to Payerally, the U.S. is projected to spend over $500 billion on specialty medication alone. Now picture a combination of both specialty and non-specialty drugs. That amount goes even higher.

3. Learn About Prescription Discount Cards

Different companies offer prescription discounts, which are more or less like coupons. They reduce the cost of medication. The discount you can get will vary, and sometimes the card can only be used on certain medications. Always read the terms and conditions for these cards because some cards charge a fee, and you want to avoid such costs.

4. Apply For Government Funded Programs

The government has several programs to help individuals pay for various health services, including medication. The programs aim to reduce healthcare costs, which have skyrocketed in the last few years. According to Complete Care Medical, research by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) discovered that retail spending on quality and durable medical devices (hearing aids, eyeglasses, contact lenses, wheelchairs, etc.) amounted to about $48.5 billion. As these medical supplies are necessary, these government-funded programs make access easier.

The most common government-funded programs are Medicare and Medicaid. Whether you have an elderly person in your home or kids who need medical care, looking into these insurance programs can help you afford medication for your family. There are also other government-funded programs to help people living with HIV. If there’s a veteran in your home, check the Veteran’s Health Administration, which offers health care benefits to people who served.

5. Look Into Private Programs

Many private programs help consumers with the cost of medicine. The most common is Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which has created a search engine tool for patients to find financial assistance for medication and other healthcare resources. Note that this organization doesn’t ask for money in order to help. If someone shows up at your door or calls claiming to be from the organization and asks for money to help, be careful.

Some of these private organizations offer financial assistance for specific conditions such as cancer, which has become more prevalent because of lifestyle choices. For example, heavy alcohol use, obesity, and overweight are common causes of colon cancer among young adults. Notably, one in five colorectal cancer patients are aged 20 to 54 years. With cancer medication being very costly, finding assistance can help you avoid draining all your finances on treatments.

6. Use Generic Medication if Possible

Some drugs are available in generic and brand-name versions. In most cases, the generic version is still good, because manufacturers have shown that the generic drug is just as effective as the brand name. Generic drugs are cheaper and can help you save some money you spend on medication.

As a father, you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to parenting. You want to provide the best for your family, including meeting their medical needs. Because the cost is quite high, these tips can help you access medicine at affordable prices.v