5 Ways Your Whole Family Can Use a Pole Barn

Living your parenting role, you’ll agree that making memories with your children and family is a wonderful joy. Pole barns have many uses, and as parents, if you’re taking time off to be home with the family or you must work from home, you can make the most of the pole barn. Because of their large space, pole barns often present a great opportunity for a get-together space and even as a living space. The whole family can use the pole barn in many ways, and having one is said to increase the home’s value.

1. Use It as a Space for Family Fun

Pole barns are great even when parenting kids, making the ideal space for camp since it is energy efficient. Even when it’s cold outside, if your pole barn is set up for insulation and comfort, you can spend hours there if the house gets too boring. According to Bob Vila, having a pole barn with a built foundation, insulation, and electricity can offer up to 80% return on investment. This is ideal when you’re looking to resell your home.

You can play board games, pretend to be out camping with the kids, and use it to work while watching your kids as they play. Suppose the pole barn is not used for traditional purposes like housing farm animals or horse training. In that case, it can definitely be made into a snuggly and cozy space fitted with an HVAC or smaller heater and perhaps plumbing for running water so you don’t need to go all the way to the main house.

2. Use a Pole Barn for Family Functions

Pole barns offer so much room and are a great place to host a party or other special occasion. You can transform it into a beautifully themed venue suited to the occasion. Many families enjoy pole barns for birthday celebrations, weddings, baby gender reveal parties, baby showers, and lots more.

3. Use Your Pole Barn as an Extra Living Space or Extension to the Main House

Pole barns do good work of adding space to your property. You could completely change your pole barn into a self-sufficient apartment with plumbing for a bathroom and kitchenette. Bob Villa recorded that the average person uses warm water up to 20 times daily in their home. Using a solar heating system for running water in the pole barn is a great way to save energy.

4. Make Money From Your Pole Barn

You could rent your pole barn out to other parenting families to create memories in celebration of their special events. You could charge a rental fee and make additional income from your pole barn if you don’t have any use for it otherwise. Many people look for intimate venues without paying large sums of money to hire the space or only having larger spaces available. In this way, you can help folks by offering affordable rates and enough space to host a smaller group of people.

5. Add Upgrades and Use the Barn for Anything Else

If you need to upgrade your pole barn before having it ready for its next chapter, then you want to add a concrete foundation. Concrete foundations help improve the insulation of the building, making it even more comfortable when spending time inside it. According to House Grail, concrete contains 60%-75% aggregate, 15% cement and water, and an estimated 8% air. Who would have thought concrete contains air as well, but it does. All the components make it one of the best-used materials in construction.

You can also add lighting because it makes for a beautiful setting and sets the tone and mood while present. You could also add ceiling trusses and use natural materials to add more rustic appeal and charm to the space.

Now that you’ve read this, do you have plans to use your pole barn for more than simply a storage space or living space for farm animals? Take advantage of this investment and enjoy it to the full.