5 Ways to Toddler-Proof Your Smartphone

Many new parents do not realize it, but their kids are always learning from them. In this technologically advanced age, nearly everyone uses smartphones and this is precisely what children see and try to do.  This makes your phone vulnerable to loads of saliva, snot and dexterous little fingers that are seriously not good for your phone.

Now there are dozens of securing mechanisms available in the market today such as iPhone x cases, digital locks, and clasps smartphone device. But they may not be as effective when it comes to securing the software and its various functions on your phone. After all, one wrong tap and you might suddenly be buying an automatic electric powered treadmill that you never needed. So here are few ways you can easily toddler-proof your phone.

Disabling Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connects you with the internet and that connects you with banks and online shops. So the question here is, does your toddler need Wi-Fi? No, they don’t. There are plenty of apps available that can help you with this. You can disable the Wi-Fi from the settings, of course, but accessibility to that is so simple that your toddler may end up accidentally turning it on. Best install an application that helps you with this.

Disable Notifications on Lock Screen

You can lock our smartphone device for toddler use, but what about the notifications you get on the lock screen? This is why it’s a good move to disable the notifications on the lock screen. Disabling the Notifications will prevent your child from unintentionally clicking through drop-down screen.

Disable Control Center

Your toddler can futz with the Airplane Mode, turn on Wi-Fi, enable the camera LED (flashlight mode) and lock the orientation from iOS swipe-up Control Center.  You can’t prevent this if your child is on the Home screen, but you can definitely stop the Control Center from appearing in apps. This will keep them away from the main controls of your phone and also mot confuse or frustrate your toddlers as they try to perform similar in-app gestures.

Do Not Disturb Mode

This is an alternative to the disabling of notifications by app. It can help you save your phone from its unsupervised usage by your kids. One can easily schedule Do Not Disturb to activate at special times of the day, or one can also leave it on full-time. It depends on your preferences. When it is enabled, it disables incoming alerts and calls and your child can’t mess up your social life further.

Guided Access

Enabling Guided Access allows you to limit your child’s access to a single app. It’s a really nice feature that is native to iOS devices. Through it, you can easily tweak things from whether the volume or sleep/wake buttons work, to whether your phone recognizes touch or motion based input.

These were five things you can do to toddler-proof your phone. They have worked for me so far and I think that they can work for you too. Try them out and tell us how they worked for you.

Image: jenny downing

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