5 Ways to Build Your Parenting Skills

Parenting can be a rollercoaster sometimes, so it’s important to try your best so you know you’re doing it right. While most of it will be perfected by learning and doing, you can start out with some basic instructions on how to navigate. Here are the five ways you can build your parenting skills.

1. Don’t Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes

While we’re living in a society that intentionally or unintentionally enforces gender stereotypes, it’s important to avoid forcing these on your child. Try your best to provide a neutral environment in which they can be comfortable doing what they enjoy doing the most and provide unwavering support. It will not do any good to try and force them to accept and enjoy things that you believe are right for their gender, as no two individuals are the same, even if they are of the same gender. While humans develop stereotypes across their lifetime, according to FIP, which they develop at a young age, it’s good parenting to allow your child the chance to discover themselves and map out their course in life.

2. Learn About Stress Management

Stress management is an important part of successful parenting and living in general. With this in mind, it’s good to ensure that you know how to manage your stress levels and make sure they don’t get too high. High levels of stress will lead to issues down the road and may cause irreversible damage over time. To avoid this, take the time to learn how to keep your stress low, something that will make you a better parent and a better human being overall. Teach your child the same so they can enjoy living their lives with minimal stress.

3. Stay Involved in Their School Life

School is an important part of any child’s life, so you need to make sure you encourage your child to stay focused and do their best in school. One of the most effective ways of doing this is staying involved in your children’s school life. Ask them about their day and encourage them to share any issues that they may be facing. Take part in parent-teacher meetings and activities so your children can fully enjoy your involvement and be inspired to do their very best. You can help them avoid getting into trouble in school when you get involved in their school lives, something that happens some of the time as evidenced by the CSU Sonoma State report of the 2015-2016 academic year. According to it, there were 14 Title IX investigations, out of which 11 resulted in the student accused being sanctioned after they were found responsible.

4. Encourage Autonomy and Independence

Well-balanced and confident children are often those who were encouraged to be autonomous and independent as they were growing up. With this in mind, do your best to validate the good decisions your children make so they can feel that their voices are being heard. When you do this, it will be easier for them to grow up with self-confidence in their ability to make the right choice. Your children will love you a lot more and also respect you when they know that you believe in them and respect their abilities.

5. Take Good Care of Their Health

Good health is an important part of a happy and functional family unit, so make sure to focus on making sure your children are in the best health. Teach them about personal hygiene from an early age and you will help them become independent as they grow up, able to take good care of themselves. Don’t forget to take them for checkups for overall health as well as oral health, for which the American Association of Orthodontists recommends to start going to by age seven.

Build your parenting skills with these tips and you will have a happy and functional family that your kids enjoy being a part of!

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