5 Tips For Parenting Sustainably

Living a sustainable life can be hard enough without throwing children into the equation. However, the good news is that it’s possible to balance parenting with sustainable living. Keep reading for five tips to help you do it.

1. Buy Second-Hand and Thrift

While it may be attractive to reach for brand new items, still pristine in its packaging, you can give back to the environment a bit by shopping second-hand. Whether it’s clothes or toys, you can find cheaper pre-used items in a good state which will serve your intended purpose. If you want a pet for your family, adding to the 455 million dogs and cats kept as pets throughout the world, you can also exercise sustainability by adopting one rather than going to a breeder. Doing this will help ease the demand for pet-breeding centers, some of which have been found to have practices that are inhumane.

2. Understand the Goal

Another tip that will help you is to understand the final goal. This way, you will be able to work towards achieving it a lot better. The point is not to buy a hundred different items that claim to be able to help you live a greener life. Instead, it is to use what you already have in a way that’s not wasteful. When you understand that you need to focus on meeting your family’s needs with minimal impact on the environment, you will be able to find creative ways of doing this.

3. Use Recyclable Materials Where Possible

To live a sustainable life all around, you should also do your best to use materials that can be recycled for the different activities you do. Everything from clothes and shoes to home upgrades should use materials that are reusable in a different form when they reach the end of their lifespan. With the average lifespan of a roof being 20 to 50 years depending on its material, according to NAHB, you can get a roof made from a material like steel. This has been found to be fully recyclable and so you will get the full value of a quality roof as well as the added benefit of it being recyclable.

4. Lead By Example

While talking about sustainability, it’s clear that the best results depend on many people making an effort. To this end, it’s important to lead by example with all that you do. Let your family know the steps they need to take to live a greener life and also follow the same instructions you share with them. For instance, avoid using plastic disposable bottles for yourself but buy reusable containers for yourself and everyone else at home. This will enable everyone to make a bigger effort as far as living sustainably goes.

5. Cook More Than Buying Pre-Made

Finally, while it’s hard to resist the allure of pre-cooked and pre-packed foodstuffs, especially as a busy parent, it’s good to make an effort to cook more often than you buy ready-made. Doing this will see you live more sustainably as you will cut off your dependence on the packaging meant to keep these foods fresh, some of which aren’t recyclable or reusable. You will also avoid the risks and complexities of being involved in a wrongful death lawsuit at the end of things. This is one that proposes that the defendant sold a risky drug, made a faulty machine, or even served bad food to the deceased.

With these five tips, you can live a sustainable life while parenting your children well. They will also likely follow in your footsteps as they grow up and have the chance of improving even more on what you taught them.

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