5 Emergency Contacts You Need in Your Phone as a Parent

While everyone knows that 911 is a crucial number to know in case of emergency, some others are also imperative to have to hand.

When a problem regarding your children arises, it can send you into full panic mode. In this state, it can be difficult for you to think rationally. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are prepared and know exactly what to do in any given situation.

Keeping the critical numbers nearby is the perfect first step in emergency preparedness.

Emergency Dentist

We call the emergency department when we have a broken bone, but who do you call when you have a broken tooth? Most emergency departments don’t have the knowledge to handle this type of issue.

In this case, you need to have the number of an emergency dentist on file. If your child’s tooth gets knocked out, you need to act fast so that a dentist can repair it. According to Woodbridge dentistry, in many cases, the tooth can be saved if you take the proper steps. The first of which is visiting an emergency dentist immediately.

Local Police Department

For concerning but not necessarily full-blown emergencies, it is beneficial to have your local police department’s number in your files. These instances could be things such as a suspicious person in your neighborhood, vandalism or theft. It could even be a worry about a noisy neighbor. Being able to contact local law enforcement will help to ensure that your family lives in a safe and happy environment.

Poison Control

Children are remarkably curious and love putting things in their mouths. Unfortunately, they don’t have any judgment when it comes to what they swallow. Even the most vigilant of parents can miss things. When they choose to ingest poisonous or toxic substances, seeking help quickly is vital to their survival.

The poison control center is trained to instruct you on how to deal with the consumption of many different noxious solutions. Many can be found in your home, including bleach, shampoo, or toothpaste. Call them as soon as you realize that your child may have consumed something potentially poisonous.

Coast Guard

This number is especially important is you live near the ocean. The Coast Guard can help you if someone has gone missing while boating or you are experiencing any other kind of maritime emergency. Any frequent beachgoers should know the number for their local branch of the coast guard.


Establishing rapport with your neighbors isn’t just polite, it’s necessary. If you know your neighbors well and trust them, then they can serve as an asset in an emergency. If you get tied up at work and need someone to check on your kids quickly, then neighbors are a great option.

Your neighborhood can also look out for each other if there is any suspicious activity occurring. It really does take a village to raise a child, so don’t be afraid to reach out to yours when you need them.

While it is impossible to know what’s going to happen in the future, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to be prepared for anything. Making sure that your whole family knows what to do in each kind of emergency will ensure that you all get the help you need in time.

As a father, your kids mean the world to you, and you will do everything you can to keep them safe and healthy. Taking note of the contacts above is one of the easiest ways you can do just that.

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