5 common mistakes parents make regarding TV & their kids

TVParents who don’t use TV to keep their kids occupied when they are busy with something are rare. This is why most of the child development experts are now concerned about the amount of TV that children watch and its effects on them. Being a parent, it’s your duty that you see to it that it’s you who are educating your children and not the TV.

Multiple studies on this matter suggest that kids who watch too much TV risk obesity due to the lack of healthy exercise. Kids watching TV late at night tend to have difficulties with schoolwork due to inadequate sleep. Also, most TV channels have a negative effect on children if they are left unsupervised. Since this is the age of Netflix when people are more concerned about fixing Netflix Proxy Errors, than actually knowing what their children are watching, here are 5 common mistakes that parents make regarding TV and their kids.

The feeling of guilt

Many parents today are concerned about their child’s TV viewing and they actually feel very guilty about it. But worrying and feeling guilty have never solved problems. Most parents feel powerless in their situation and tend to react to their guilt by ignoring the issue at hand. If you know that your child is watching something bad on the TV, talk to them and explain why they should not be watching it. Don’t feel guilty about letting your child watch TV. In fact, use it wisely and show them the good things to educate them and build a good character.

TV dinners

Most of the children are obese today. This is because they love to eat while they watch TV. Most of the parents are not concerned about it as they do the same as well. Studies show that snacking while TV viewing is one of the major reasons for kids being overweight. If you can’t control your children from eating while they watch TV, try opting for healthier snacks such as carrots and apples.

Quality and quantity

Many parents deliberate whether the children be stopped from watching too much of TV or monitored what they are watching. Studies say that both things should be done. Children should be allowed to watch TV for limited hours and the channels they are watching should also be observed.

Watching alone

Many children are found to be watching TV without parental supervision. This should be stopped as there are a lot of unsuitable programming accessible to your kids and if you aren’t monitoring them, then things can definitely go south. Ensure that your kids are benefiting from positive programs and resist all unfair demands of your children.

Education through TV

Take the many opportunities TV provides you to instill positive messages in your child. You can also discuss the negative portrayals and use them to educate your children further. Also, practice what you preach. Children learn a lot from their parents, so be selective about what you watch. Only watch TV when there is actually a program that you want to see and refrain from surfing channels idly.

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

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