4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Child’s Wedding

Nothing raises your spirits better than your child making it through major milestones in life. The epitome of it all is their wedding day. The experience can be overwhelming. As the day nears, things become blurry and you just want to delight in the fact that your child is getting married! But there’s work to be done! What role can you play in making the day successful for your child? Below are four tips to help you prepare for your child’s wedding.

1. Ask How You Can Help

It’s the all-important question that every bride and groom-to-be wants to hear. With all the efforts that come with planning a wedding, your child and their partner need all the help they can get. Most brides and grooms-to-be already know what they want. They also already have a wedding planner who they continue to discuss their plans with extensively. Keep checking on your child and their partner to see how they’re doing ahead of the big day and to find out where they need a hand.

Most couples need help with food tasting, planning the invite list, finding someone to officiate the wedding, etc. Sometimes your child doesn’t need you to contribute much and they may ask you simply to show up for their dress fitting. Either way, your help, and presence would mean the world.

2. Cooperate With The In-Laws

The In-Laws are an integral part of the wedding equation and it’s up to you, the parent, to make sure they feel valued. What better way than to make them part of the planning experience? Remember, a wedding means the merging of two families. When planning the invite list, call or meet the in-laws and ask who they’d like to invite to the wedding. Think of it as an opportunity to bond further. You can both agree to join efforts and host the wedding splitting any extra costs and committing to do whatever else is necessary to make the wedding-planning burden easier for the couple.

3.  Find the Perfect Venue

The wedding planner may already be on top of things but no one knows your child better than you do. So how about an outdoor wedding? There was an 11% increase in outdoor weddings in 2020. Whether it’s on the beach, by the lake/riverside, outside a historic site, or in your manicured backyard, there’s a good chance your child wants an outdoor wedding.

Of course, you must discuss with your child and find out what their venue preferences are. Help them find a perfect venue by offering advice and taking their suggestions seriously. Consider their budget for the outdoor venue for half a day if the reception will be held elsewhere or the entire day if the wedding and reception will be in the same venue. Factor in size, comfort, budget, and convenience/accessibility to figure out the perfect location for the wedding.

Work with a security company to ensure that the guests are safe and that wedding crashers don’t access or disrupt the wedding. In the first half of 2019, Houston Police received over 90,916 crime reports. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to alert and request the area police of the wedding just in case they need to show up.

4. Stay Up to Date

A major moment on the wedding day is when the bride reveals herself. As the parent, you want everyone to delight in the atmosphere, décor, and spending time with loved ones. Most importantly, you want the dress or suit your child wears to make a statement and leave everyone in awe when they see them.

Your input matters as the parent. Do your research online or in wedding magazines to keep up with the trends. Understand the theme and venue while incorporating your child’s personal style or preference as you plan to find the right dress or suit. Kill two birds with one stone and arrange to have the car meant to carry the newlyweds properly serviced. The car care industry is expected to hit the 13.7-billion-dollar mark by 2028. This indicates that more people are vigilant about the safety and performance of their cars.

As a parent, understand that proper planning and preparation will make your child’s big day an unforgettable success. Enjoy the moment!