4 Tips to Build a Kid-Friendly Patio This Summer

Spring is officially here, which means summer is right around the corner. If you’ve been itching to add a deck or patio to your backyard this past year, now is the best time to start planning. Backyard patios are a great way to extend your interior to the outdoors so you can entertain and grill without stepping into the grass.

Of course, you want to be sure that your backyard patio is not only a place for grown-ups. You want your kids to be able to play in the space, too. Here are a few tips you can use to help you build a kid-friendly patio this summer.

1. Make sure the patio is flat

There are different types of stone that are used for creating patios, and natural stone tends to last a lot longer than artificial stone. However, you want to be sure that the stone or pavement you’re using is flat and easy to walk on. Some natural stones can be rough and bumpy, which can pose a tripping hazard for little ones and even your elderly relatives. Opt for flat stone surfaces that have some form of grit that lets your sandals, sneakers, and bare feet grip the floor like concrete, flagstone, and brick.

2. Get a WiFi Extender

This tip is great not only for kids but for parents, too. Your patio may be extending your home out into your yard, but that doesn’t mean it takes your WiFi network with it. You’ll need to get a WiFi extender to make sure that your kids can play their games and watch their shows on their tablets while they’re drying off from the pool or waiting for the burgers to be done. Cast routing technology is specifically routed through a content delivery network to make sure apps and websites load as fast as possible. Setting up a WiFi extender or cast routing technology also makes it easier for you to set up a Bluetooth speaker while you’re grilling with no lagging music.

3. Enclose or cover your patio

If you live in an area where the summer temperatures can get really high up there, it may be a good idea to enclose your patio. Enclosed porches, decks, and sunrooms with side slider panels typically provide between 50% to 100% ventilation and help to protect against harmful UV rays. They also allow you to extend your air conditioning system so you and the kids can enjoy the sun without the sweat. If enclosing your patio isn’t ideal, make sure that you provide some type of coverage such as a side shade to keep your family protected from the sun on hot days.

4. Set up a play area

Set up a station on the patio meant just for your kids! Include chalk, bubbles, squirt guns, balls, and more in a weather-proof bin they can easily access. Not only will this make your kids feel instantly included in their own backyard but it’ll also give them an area to put their toys back at the end of the day so you don’t need to worry about tripping over a chalk stick on your way to serve up hot dogs.

Building a patio this summer is a great way to give your family a place to relax and have fun outside without having to travel anywhere. Just be sure that you’re keeping your kids, and these tips, in mind while you’re designing your backyard paradise!

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