4 Things to Know About Raising Your First Daughter

When she was born, she opened your heart to a level of affection you never thought existed. Seeing your daughter grow is one of the most fulfilling experiences in parenting. You’ll give anything to see her conquer the world. Like her, it’s a new experience, and you want to do your best to set your daughter up to thrive through different stages and milestones. Wondering where to start? Below are four things you need to know about raising your first daughter.

1. They Can Be Clingy

All kids are generally clingy, irrespective of gender. However, girls are unlikely to stray as they grow older compared to boys, who get more adventurous as soon as they can crawl. Cultivate a sense of independence in your daughter, but simultaneously aim to build a strong bond.

Her emotions shift as she grows. Create a strong bond by spending quality time with your daughter regularly. Make time to check in with your daughter to figure out where she is mentally and emotionally. Irrespective of her age, support and meet her at her point of need, and the bond with your daughter will remain unbreakable.

2. Don’t Expect Her to Be Like You

Your little girl may be your spitting image, but she has different personalities and preferences. As a toddler, your daughter will mimic your likes and dislikes but forge her own path as she grows older. Whether you’re her mom or dad, embrace your daughter’s uniqueness and encourage her to be herself. Seek to experience the world from her perspective. Daughters are super smart. Don’t be surprised if you switch interests and adopt new habits just by observing her.

3. Keep Her Healthy

Forbes states that most dental insurance only caters to two cleanings annually. Ensure that you make use of your insurance by taking your daughter for dental cleanings annually. Also, ensure your daughter’s health is superb, and often ask her to show off her beautiful smile. Constant reassurance and lots of compliments build a positive self-image in your daughter that surpasses and cannot be changed by societal trends/standards as she grows.

4. You Can’t Avoid ‘The Talk’

Raising a daughter is rewarding but comes with responsibilities that any new parent might find tough. Parents tend to be less strict with boys, who are often left to find their own way. Girls, on the other hand, are held closer because they seem more fragile.

Therefore, responsible parenting requires you to have ‘the talk’ with your daughter at different stages. For example, as a toddler, ‘the talk’ entails avoiding bad words and staying disciplined. As a pre-teen, the talk involves teaching her to avoid talking to strangers. As a teenager, ‘the talk’ could be about her period, good hygiene, or boys. A gynecologist can treat a girl or a woman of all ages. According to ACOG, children as young as 13 to 15 years old should visit a gynecologist. So, don’t forget to include gynecological visits in your list of talks.

According to Legal Jobs, 50% of custodial mothers have child support agreements, and only 30% of custodial fathers have child support agreements. If you’re caught up in a divorce case, you should ensure that you have a child support agreement for the welfare of the kid. However, the bottom line is both parents play a huge role in raising a child.

Protecting her is only the tip of the iceberg when raising a daughter. Above are hints at what it’s like to be a first-time daughter-mom or dad. Feel free to add more points to forge your own parenting path as you raise yours to be the most amazing daughter the world has ever seen. Whether you’re a new or seasoned parent, there’s always something new to learn about raising your children. Check out our website for more parenting hacks.