4 Awesome Ways To Raise Healthy Children

As parents, we know how overwhelming and scary it can be to raise children, especially when imagining how the life of a very precious person is in your hands. The pressure from parents, in-laws, friends, neighbors and all the other people in your lives doesn’t help either. With so much advice, and endless methods available, the bottom line is the same – we all want to raise healthy children: both physically and mentally. So here we have listed 4 awesome and easy ways, that can be applied by any parent out there, to raise healthy children.

  1. Junk the junk

It’s called “junk food” for a reason, so make sure that you junk them! Processed food has been showed by studies to cause increased levels of depression, anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity and a wide variety of other mental and emotional problems. Stick instead with organic and natural food. Did you know that kids are more likely to eat food that they helped prepare? So here’s an idea, why not make your own vegetable garden in your backyard? It can also be a great bonding and learning experience with your kids. But don’t rush things, take it slowly. Assess your kitchen and switch out the things that you see are not beneficial to your children’s health. You can relax on your patio set while you watch them have fun in the dirt.

  1. Enroll them in sports.

Replace their screen time with active time. Enroll them in sports, as it enhances both their physical and mental abilities. Not only that, they will also get to meet lots of new friends. Engaging in friendly competition will also allow them to grow emotionally, learning from their successes and failures. It also equips them with skills that they would need when they grow older like teamwork and cooperation, respect to rules and authority and so much more!

And depending on the sport, they’ll be able to utilize the outdoors and be one with nature! A little bit of fresh air won’t hurt, considering the majority of kids nowadays stay inside, cooped up with their favorite device.

For an additional tip, you can make sports more enjoyable by buying them fun outfits, you could even get them custom socks fit for athletes to make it extra special – and functional!

  1. Respect them.

To grow healthy, mentally, it is important to let your kids know and understand that you respect them. When making decisions, especially when it involves them, make a point to talk to them about it. This way, they will know that you listen to them and that you value their opinion. It would also be better to look them in the eyes when you speak to them – as you would with any adult.. If there are behaviors that you wish to correct, do not criticize them as this could lower their self-esteem. Instead, explain to them what they did wrong and what their actions caused. Be sure to speak praises to them whenever you see something that they have done right, as well. You could also reinforce these actions by rewarding them. You could get them small things like extra snacks, a ticket to a sports game, or even socks. Yes, socks! You could grab them an awesome pair from Strideline, which are perfect for sports, or regular ole’ play time.

  1. Spend time with them

Your kids are only kids once, so make sure you spend a lot of your time with them! Observe what your children love to do and do it with them. Go shopping with them, cook with them, play sports with them, anything! Your kids would bring those memories with them until they grow up.

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