3 Fun Activities to Share With Your Children the Summer Before Kindergarten

Preschool is the most common first step in a child’s education outside of the home, and roughly 75% of young children will attend preschool. This first foray into education also promotes socialization and out of the house experiences at a young age. But when they get too big for preschool, what should you do to prepare your little ones for their next step?

Fortunately, if you and your significant other are looking for ways to get your kids involved in age-appropriate activities the summer before kindergarten starts, there are plenty of great options. Try any one of these three interesting and challenging activities with your preschool graduates.

Art Projects

Art is everywhere around us if you know where to look, and kids know exactly where to look. That’s why they are such a mess all of the time. So why not simply steer into the skid? You know they are going to get messy, so take them to a pottery class if they feel like trying something fun and new. Not only will they love the hands-on aspect of pottery studios, but they will also get to return home with a special souvenir.

If you want to pique their interest even more, tell them about the kiln. A kiln is where you bake the clay after everyone has built their pottery, and it can reach temperatures between 1,800 and 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

If that’s not their speed, but they still want to be involved with art in some way, let them choose their own medium for creative expression. Summertime is the perfect season for fun arts and crafts projects, whether you sign your children up for summer camp or work on stringing fairy lights in the backyard.


The summer between preschool and kindergarten may just be the perfect time to introduce your kids to sports. There are many youth soccer leagues that cater to very young kids, although the game the kids play bears very little resemblance to the adult version of the sport. If you’ve ever witnessed the chaos of a micro-soccer game first hand, then you know what we’re talking about. Swim lessons are another great introduction to youth sports, and there are plenty of games that suit young people as well.

There are 16.57 million people over the age of six years old who play ping pong. If you have a table and everything already, they can get started right away. If your children aren’t into table tennis, talk to other parents in your social circle and see if they have any suggestions for local sports leagues that cater to very young children.

There are almost too many options for summer sports and games, and if you’re children are interested they will let you know.


It’s never too early to start learning an instrument, and summer music programs are the perfect place to start. If your children show an interest in making music, help them grow that interest into sold out shows at Madison Square Garden. Unless it’s the drums. For your own sanity, don’t let a five year old near a drum set. Or, at least, wait until you can soundproof your room.

However you and your kids want to spend the summer before kindergarten starts is exactly how you should spend that time. Whether it is productive or not, just spending time together is worth everything and more.

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