Take a Local Eco-Trail for your Family Vacation

If the idea of an eco-holiday with your kids either conjures up basic living or very expensive holiday venues, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Although being outdoors is beneficial to our children, it doesn’t have to be about hiking for miles through the precarious jungle or canoeing down waterfalls with your toddler in tow. Think more about spending quality time with your family, doing fun things together, but without having a huge impact on the environment.

Why go on an eco-holiday?

Traveling anywhere with your children is a great way to introduce them to new and different cultures and communities. To be exposed first hand to the natural world can encourage their development and learning to help them be more confident and tolerant to the world around them. There are many ways of lessening your impact on the environment and going on holiday doesn’t necessary mean you have to jump in the car or on a plane to go somewhere completely different; just visiting an area locally can count as a holiday, especially as we’re usually caught up in the daily routines of school runs, clubs and homework to distract us.

Try a camping eco-holiday

Taking your family on a camping trip is one of the best ways to get everyone excited about the great outdoors while having a great time together. There’s usually something for most ages, including parents, to do from hiking, wildlife watching, cooking on a fire and learning how to connect with nature. And, with so much camping gear available, from trekking poles for walking to snuggly sleeping bags, your family won’t lack for much. As long as you follow some rules such as clearing up your litter, using reusable crockery and using dead wood for fires, everyone should be happy, responsible campers.

What are the other alternatives?

If the idea of camping doesn’t appeal to you, why not try a cycling or horse riding holiday? Choosing these types of options are not only environmentally friendly, but you’ll also get to explore an area from a unique point of view and the travel can be good for your health too. In addition to these perks, you don’t have to all sleep in a tent together because most of these holidays offer great accommodation which could include anything from a top of the range tipi or cozy treehouse.

The notion of swanning off to faraway places can still be achieved in a sustainable way if you choose, but going local will not only make you look at your area in a different way but will also be an affordable option without impacting too much on your eco-footprint.

Photo by Nathan Bingle on Unsplash

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