Parks, Playgrounds, Puppies and Puddles: Android Apps for Dads Who Love to Take Their Kids Outdoors

If you’re soon to become a father and are worried, this is completely normal. It’s natural for many up-and-coming fathers to feel apprehensive and scared about what’s to come. After all, having a baby is a huge responsibility and a total life-changer!

But if you’re a soon-to-be father or if you’ve just become one, there are many apps that can give you a boost and more motivation to get outdoors and release any stress you may be feeling – whilst still spending time with your baby. In fact, statistics show that almost half of young children don’t even go outside daily with their parents, a figure that needs to be changed for both social and health reasons. So, if you’re a new father looking for outdoor inspiration with your baby, below you’ll find some helpful apps with some great ideas!


Not as harsh as it sounds, BabyShusher does exactly what its name would suggest – it helps to stop your baby crying. As a new father, you may be self-conscious if your baby suddenly starts wailing without warning in public, so BabyShusher is sure to help.

This app works by safely providing rhythmic and soothing sounds that stimulate your baby’s natural relaxation reflex, as it reminds them of being in their mother’s womb. Safe and simple to use even in the busiest of outdoor locations, BabyShusher will certainly help get you out of those awkward crying scenarios.


Many people assume that weight gain during new parenthood only happens to mothers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Research has shown that the average new father gains more than a stone when their baby is born, suggesting that new fathers also need a bit of extra help shedding the pounds too!

Getting outdoors is a great way to get moving and spend time with your baby, and MyFitnessPal will track everything for you. From the distance you walk to calorie counting, losing excess weight and having fun outdoors doesn’t have to be time-consuming with this app.

But, the last thing you want is to plan a day out to bond with your child and suddenly find that bad weather is looming. By downloading this weather app too, you’ll be kept updated in real-time with accurate weather patterns and statistics, ensuring you and your baby don’t ever get caught in the rain!

Quick Tips for New Dads

Pretty self-explanatory, this inexpensive app provides all the help and advice you’ll need. Giving you the essential tools and techniques to manage your time whilst still taking care of yourself and bonding with your baby, getting outdoors and having fun will become easier than ever.

No one said becoming a father would be easy and, with the added responsibilities that suddenly arise when your baby is born, it can be quite overwhelming. But, if you download the above apps, simplifying and enjoying fatherhood outdoors can be made effortless, easy and hassle-free!

[About the author: Ben Wrent is a dad who plays an active role in his kid’s life as he helps them grow into unique individuals who can take over the world!]

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