Four Ways To Make Your Next Winter Camping Trip Memorable For Your Family

Camping is a favorite all-American pastime, with the number of families that opt to vacation in the great outdoors increasing by 64% in a three-year period. Summer may be the ideal time to camp (since the weather allows you to travel with minimal fuss) but if you plan your winter camping trip well and you bring all the right equipment, this winter sojourn can be one of the funnest, most memorable ones for your family yet.

Making Sure The Timing Is Right

Camping on snowy grounds by bare trees and lakes that have frozen over makes for a uniquely beautiful experience, but you should always check the weather forecast to ensure things don’t get too cold for comfort. Access to and from the camping site should be clear and safe, since you may need to head for home sooner than you had expected. In general, night time temperatures in the high 30ºs or even high 40ºs are too cold for comfort; ensure the temperature is at least 50ºF in your chosen destination.

Bringing Your Favorite Creature Comforts

There’s no need to shiver with cold just because you’re sleeping under the stars. If you will be heading to a cold or snowy spot, then a fuel generator to provide power for heating, refrigeration of food, and charging of tablets and smartphones is key. When choosing a generator, bear in mind that most campers prefer inverter generators to open frame ones, since they’re lighter, more fuel-efficient, and above all, quieter. A loud generator can interfere with your sleep quality and wrest from your energy, so check out specs of various generators and go with the quietest one possible. Your tent should also be well-lit, so consider battery-powered LED lights, which you can pin to chosen spots in your tent with tape.

Picking The Right Tent

Opt for a four-season tent if you will be camping on snow. These tents are made with special vents and materials, which enable the interior to retain more warmth. Their walls, for instance, are completely mesh-free. Instead, they are made with a polyester of nylon, which helps trap body heat and keeps the tent free of the effects of icy winds. These tents also contain vestibules that reach the ground and block out wind, and sturdier frames made of tougher materials.

Staying Warm While Sleeping

Make sure to bring thermal underwear to wear at night, to ensure everyone is extra warm. Consider a family sleeping bag as well, since body heat is ideal on a cold winter’s night. Bring items like woolly hats, extra-thick quality socks, and cardigans and other items that you can easily take off when it starts getting warm. Bring plenty of hot cocoa and coffee so adults and kids alike can enjoy a hot toddy at bedtime.

A short winter camping trip is a great way to show your kids the beauty of nature at wintertime. By investing in a good tent and the right generator, you can stay safe against the elements and enjoy a cosy sleep at night time. Bring yummy foods you can easily eat with your winter gloves on, and stay hydrated with your favorite hot drinks – and of course, don’t forget the marshmallows!

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