Considering Sending Your Kid to Summer Camp? Here’s Why it’s a Good Idea!

With school being out, summer can be a difficult time for parents. It’s up to parents to find ways to keep their kids busy and out of trouble, while trying to get work done and keep their sanity at the same time. While there are plenty of ways to keep your kids busy during their summertime, one of the most popular activities for kids is summer camp. There are so many different summer camps to choose from, which means there’s bound to be at least once camp your kid will be interested in. But many parents are often uncertain about sending their kids to camp. So if you’re one of those parents, let’s talk about why it’s a great reason to send your kids to camp this summer.

First off, camp is a great way for your kids to be physically active! Sadly, many kids nowadays don’t get nearly enough physical activity in their daily lives. This is where camp comes in — even if it’s not a sports-related camp, most camps offer activities like swimming, hiking, and overall just running around. These opportunities for physical activity also give kids time to simply play with other campers. This is especially important for younger children, seeing as how regular playtime is involved in the development process of at least 400 genes in the cerebral cortex. So not only is play and physical activity good for children’s physical health, it’s good for their mental health too!

Going along with having time to play, camp helps kids develop important social skills. Camp provides an environment that allows kids to come together and build friendships. In fact, 96% of those who attended summer camp agree that camp helped them build new friendships. Whether it’s team-building exercises, staying in a cabin together, or sitting around a bonfire, kids who attend summer camp will have plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

With today’s technology, it can be difficult for parents to get their kids off the couch and outside to play. This is especially true for kids who simply grew up with technology at their fingertips. Most summer camps don’t encourage the use of technology while there, meaning your kids will have the opportunity to put down their phones and really enjoy nature. Getting unplugged from their smartphones and social media will help kids learn how important it is to connect face-to-face with other people and will help them learn to appreciate their surroundings more.

Overall, summer camp will allow your kid to get active, make new friends, and expand or develop new interests. Whether it’s just a day camp or a two-week long overnight camp, summer camp is something every kid should try at least once.

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