5 Things You Need To Get Into Fishing This Spring

If you love outdoors, you feel inspired with every step you take on outside, whether it is a mountain, the seaside, or a local park, you surely want to share your passion and that way become a part of something big. Fishing is an amazing way for you to feel better, involve into interesting things, and be a witness of beautiful sights and adventures. This will be a great way for you to hang out with your friends and enjoy, or relax alone and let your thoughts go. Still, if you are a fishing beginner, you must have what you need in order to start fishing. Here are 5 things you need to get into fishing this spring.

1. Fishing rod and reel.

This is definitely the first thing to buy, if you don’t already own these items. You should try to buy both together, but you can buy them separately as well, it’s on you. Still, try to find quality ones and consider the  type of fishing you’ll be doing in the future. For example, if you’re going to do fishing on the boat or off the shore, you’ll need a spinning reel, and if you’re going to do fly-fishing, you need a fly rod.

2. Fishing line.

There are multiple choices for the right fishing line available. This is also the time to consider the type of fishing you plan to catch and where will you be doing it, too. For example, clear lines are used in the places like a river, lake or clear stream. Otherwise, in the places with a lot of vegetation, you should choose a dark green line, since you should hide your line in order to prevent the fish from getting scared. Of course, you must coordinate the fishing line with your fishing rod. Consider the weight of the fish you will catch or talk to a professional fisherman who can help you to decide.

3. Baits or Lures.

There are many different choices for the bait: there are live baits like worms, insects, smaller fish, or dough baits, which are a mixture of several different live baits and can be store-bought or made at home. You can also use artificial lures, which come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Lures are a lot less messy than natural baits and they are usually used in the places where bait is not allowed, so you should research or ask about it for the places where you consider to go fishing.

4. A pair of pliers and scissors.

These may offer you help in many situations during the fishing. You can use them for knots, cutting the lines, for removing the fish of the hook, or you can even use them for fixing if something goes wrong with the equipment.

5. Suitable clothes.

When fishing, you’re going to visit many places in many times of the day. Your clothing will be one of the essential things to choose. Consider that the temperature will change during the day since you will probably start fishing early in the morning and stay there some time. The best advice is layered clothing, which will provide comfort and at the same time give you the possibility to get changed. Don’t forget to take rubber rain boots, jacket and the hat. Of course, make sure that all of your clothes are comfortable since you will be moving.

Fishing is really an amazing sport and a way for you to discover many beautiful things around you. Whether you will do it for food or recreation, it will surely be calming and thrilling at the same time. The best thing is that you can enjoy it all year around and that way you will spark your love to nature and outdoors even more!

[About the author: Dave Holden is a content editor on ProPaddling. Dave himself is an avid kayaker and fisherman who likes to spend his weekends and holidays exploring mountain lakes and streams. He also holds the office record for the largest trout caught!]

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