7 Money-Saving Hacks for New Parents

save energy and moneyThere are lots of wonderful things that come with being a parent, but it can be financially intimidating too. There are lots of great ways you can save money, here are a few of the most popular tips and ideas:


1) Always Use Discount Codes and Coupons


When you shop online, discount codes and coupons can help you to save lots of money. You can easily find sites that have digital coupons across many product categories as well, so you can find lots of savings in one place. You should make it your motto to never buy anything unless it’s at a discounted price, whether it’s in the sale or at a reduced price from coupons and discount codes.


2) Thrift and Buy Second-hand


It is so tempting to want to buy everything brand new, but babies grow so fast that second-hand baby clothing is almost always in perfect condition. When it comes to buying second-hand things, just consider whether they can be sterilized and cleaned properly first and remember that items such as car-seats always should be purchased brand-new to make sure they are safety tested. You can find some amazing bargains when buying second-hand!


3) Gender Neutral Lasts Longer


If you plan on having more than one child, only buy things that are gender-neutral. Keeping hold of clothes and toys that your baby grows out of means that you can use them again if you have more kids. Hand-me downs are an easy way to save money, just remember to ask friends and family to only gift gender-neutral things too.


4) Ask for Contributions Instead


If you have lots of friends and family, the endless gifts of kid’s toys can add up to a lot of clutter – and toys aren’t cheap either. A great way to fund important things in your kids’ future, like college fees, is to ask friends and family to donate into a children’s savings account instead. This will take the pressure off you in the future when you are trying to scrape money together for expensive college fees, knowing some of it has already been paid for.


5) Consider What is Necessary and What is Not


It’s easy to see things in the store and think you really need them, but you don’t actually need everything you think you do. Stock up on the essentials like diapers in bulk when they are on sale but talk to other moms about what they actually do use. It can be hard figuring out what is essential and what isn’t, so getting advice from other moms can help.


6) Buy Things That Can Be Converted


If you want things to last longer, choose things that are convertible and that grow with your baby. Certain items of furniture have been designed to adapt to your baby and grow as they do, like cribs that turn into toddler beds. They might cost a little more initially, but you save yourself down the line from buying two or three products when you can buy just one.


7) Make Your Own


Things like baby food that come in tins and pouches, can cost a lot of money – especially when you buy a multipack of a flavor they refuse to eat! Buy a hand blender or smoothie maker – or just use a fork – and you can easily make your own baby food, plus you will know exactly what they are getting. There are plenty of great ideas online if you need inspiration.

Having kids isn’t cheap, but it is always nice to save money wherever you can. The money you save now can be put towards important things in their future too.

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