Tips & Tricks For Men Who Shave

Shaving any part of your body is an art of sorts. You have to pay attention to the direction in which you’re dragging the blade, moisturize your skin properly, and get that clean shaven appearance all at once.

For some men, shaving is a complicated situation. Everyone’s skin is different, and life changes your skin as well. Equip yourself for the cleanest shave, and show everyone else just how fancy your face can be. Here are a few tips to help men who shave avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Shower before you shave

Some guys shave their faces and then hop into the shower.  Try changing it up a bit. Hop into a hot shower, and clean your face thoroughly before you begin shaving.

The hot water in the shower will make your beard hair softer and more malleable.  A great razor for shaving is important, but your approach is even more influential to the outcome.

Use an exfoliating skin cream for bumps 

You may have trouble with sensitive skin and excessive razor burn bumps when you shave.  When hair begins to regrow, sometimes you get ingrown hairs that implant into another follicle.

The site usually grows irritated, causing the itchy red bumps you have grown to loathe.  Utilizing a natural daily facial scrub will help to keep your pores clean and ward off ingrown hairs.

Don’t shave against the grain 

Though you may have to fight the urge, shaving against the grain won’t truly give you a cleaner shave.  Going against the grain encourages ingrown hairs and rashes. You know your face better than anyone, so you know how your beard grows.

Shave with the grain, and moisturize your face after it’s all said and done.  Use a quality shaving brush to clear off the stray hair pieces after you’re done shaving.  Avoid placing harsh aftershaves heavy with alcohol on your face, as it will dry the natural oils in your skin.

Use shaving cream appropriate for your skin

The simple act of shaving is sometimes enough to irritate the skin on your face, especially when you shave every day.  If your skin is sensitive to the brazen crossing of a daily battle with your razor, then you may need a quality shaving cream to create a barrier while you shave.

Don’t press too hard while shaving

During the process of shaving, you don’t have to press down super hard.  Too much pressure against your skin can cause the razor to do more hard than good to your face.  A small nick could also turn into a cut if you’re pressing down too hard.

Rinse the razor after every run

If you’re looking for a closer shave, make sure you rinse out your blade after every stroke.  It may seem excessive, but it will assure that you’re gaining full and even contact every time you cross your skin.

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