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Life Goals: 7 Things Every Man Who’s Entering His 30s Should Know

By the time you hit your 30th birthday, you should have a good idea of what sort of things you are good at from a career point of view and probably have a list of goals and targets that you want to achieve in the next decade and beyond.

You may also have developed a passion for sporting pursuits and pastimes in your formative years and that means you may well be familiar with things like a lucky 15 calculator to calculate your potential winnings.

Whatever your interests and career path, here are some of the things you should know in your 30s.

1) How to impress in the kitchen

There are many good reasons why it is good to have some cooking skills under your belt by the time you are in your 30s.

You should be able to cook a signature dish that impresses everyone.

2) Have control of your wardrobe

Having had a chance to get your sartorial faux-pas’ out of the way in your early adult years this the decade where you should have now developed a more clearly defined sense of style.

Knowing how to dress to impress and what looks good on you is a life skill that you should have mastered by this point in your life.

3) Cultural confidence

Can you talk about a topic with authority or navigate your way around a comprehensive wine list?

Knowing what you like and having a good sense of cultural confidence is a good skill to have in your 30’s.

4) Confidence

All of us tend to have different levels of confidence but you should aspire to have acquired a certain degree of certainty about your ability to speak to others in way that demonstrates you have a well-rounded personality.

Being to speak in public or make new friends easily will stand you in good stead from a personal and career perspective.

5) Keep in shape

The bad news is that your thirties are the decade where you start to lose muscle mass and that means you need to commit to a lifestyle and fitness program that keeps you in the best possible shape.

6) Start a family

This is the time in your life when you might be looking to achieve some memorable personal goals such as finding someone to spend your life with and starting a family.

This decade in your life journey could prove to be highly significant and these personal life goals could see you set yourself up for life, both emotionally and financially.

7) Follow your passions

Whether you love sporting action or DIY projects, whatever it is that excites you, your 30s is a great time to immerse yourself in these activities and follow your passion.

This is a time in your life where it is fine to not feel so obligated to please everyone else and take a bit of time out to enjoy some hobbies and pursuits, so enjoy your 30’s and all the adventures that await you.

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