How to be a Good Man During Confrontations

It sometimes feels as if we’re caught between the old model of aggressive and combative manhood, where everything is a battle, and the new, kinder, gentler man, for whom everything is a compromise. And we don’t have a whole lot of examples of men walking the middle path in our modern culture.

It’s either Die Hard or the Simpsons.

So in real life, where confrontations are everywhere, from our kids to our spouse to our boss to a nosy neighbor, how does a good man stay rooted during heated conversations? And does it matter what the age or gender of the other party is?

I’ve also been wondering the same thing…

Anyone else tired of being a yes-man to their boss, their wife, their peers? Are you equally tired of backing down or avoiding confrontations with the know-it-alls, the bad-mouthing gossipers, and the self-righteous proselytizers? Or maybe you’re the one always getting in someone’s face?

Sometimes we don’t even know when we’re being too easy or too domineering in a situation, and in the course of trying to figure some of this out for myself, I came up with some guidelines that have helped me.

A Good Man’s Guide to Dealing with Confrontations:

Know your values. If you focus on what you stand for, instead of on what you’re against, just about any confrontation becomes quite a bit easier. We’re not as concerned with what others think is true for themselves if we’re well grounded in our own values.

Lead, don’t follow. Letting the other person lead you in a conversation or argument is giving away your half of the confrontation. You don’t have to follow. Instead, lead from your values.

Speak softly. Leave the big stick at home. This can be a very hard lesson to learn, and sometimes a painful one. Usually it’s because the other party has a bigger stick. Our deeper voices and tendency to ratchet up the volume when we get angry can also backfire on us by escalating a situation that could best be served by a calm, soft voice.

Toe the line. How would you act if you were in the presence of someone older and wiser than you? If our actions are out of line with our words and our relations, they would call us on it, and we probably need to seriously re-think things.

Keep your cool. Letting anger speak for you will just about always end up with your foot in your mouth (or worse). Cultivate and maintain your own internal reservoir of calm for times when you start to see red, and focus on that instead. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a couple of deep breaths, and other times, it takes all your effort. But it really, really helps.

Know when to fold or go all in. It seems obvious to say that there are more broke gamblers than rich ones, but I’m still surprised how many of us make bad bets every single day that’s why now I better use an online site for bets so is safer, this android app for bet365 customers can be downloaded from here. For me, the difference has been in knowing when to cut my losses and just fold. Not too many times will we come across a situation where we know we need to bet the farm, and getting the guts to do that comes from acknowledging how many times we don’t have to. We can walk away.

Think of the children. Even if our kids aren’t around us at the time, they might be the best guides for us. How would they react to our posture and tone of voice? And is that what we want to embody?

Life is full of confrontations. How we deal with them helps to define who we are. Let’s be good men.

Please help me out in the comments with any additions or suggestions for this!

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Derek Markham

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9 thoughts on “How to be a Good Man During Confrontations

  • humbleddad

    What I try to remember: never turn down an opportunity to shut the fuck up… can’t get in any trouble if my mouth’s closed. Usually.
    Great post.

    • Derek Markham

      Haha! Totally with you on that one. Cheers!

  • Great tips. I’ve found myself guilty of allowing anger to control my position at times during arguments. Always have to remember to be guided by your logic, not your reptilian instincts.

    • Derek Markham

      So true – ignore the lizard brain! Cheers –

  • Ya know what? Just don’t argue at all. Life is too short. forgive forget and move on.

  • I need to read this daily. I get to angry during confrontations with some folk. Great post Derek!

  • Joe,
    It’s t-o-o angry. Not t-o angry, you idiot.
    What! F— you a–hole! Don’t you tell me how to sbell!!!

  • Adam Shake

    Derek, you are a wise soul my friend. I don’t know that I have anything to add to this, even with all the different hats I’ve worn and am wearing. Great post. One of my favorites. YOU, keep doing what you do. Love you me bro.

  • Jenny

    Moms need to read this too. Confrontation is hard but stewing in your pent up emotions is worse and as your last guideline mentions is not the best thing to teach our kids. Thanks for all of your insightful stuff.


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