Different Ways to Groom Down There (For Men)

Unlike with women, the shaving of the male genitals is not talked about much. It can be embarrassing for a lot of guys, but less so these days. Some guys regard it as degrading the pride of a man while others think it’s hygienic and improves performance in bed. The truth of the matter is, it’s equally important to remove the pubic hair as it is in females.

The first advantage of shaving down there is that it makes you more hygienic. The hair can hinder thorough cleaning of the scrotum and the penis. Also, having too much hair around your balls is an excellent breeding site for germs, which not only make you unhygienic but also produce odor. It can be embarrassing if you put off a lady on the first date because of your smell down there.

The other reason you need to get the hair off your balls is statistics have shown ladies prefer men with clean genitals. Do you really need any other reasons?

Men have a lot of pride in their sex life when they are endowed well. But for everyone else, removing your pubic hair helps to magnify your penis. The shaving assists in creating more confidence in your sexual life.

Some of the most effective ways to shave your pubic hair include:

1. Cream

Cream like Nair or Veet can easily help in removing the genital hair. The cream is applied on the skin and given a little contact time. The cream degrades the hairs, making it easier for the hair to be scrapped off by any blunt object. Though this method proves to work okay, it is discouraged as the cream may react with your genital skin and produce an irritating smell.

2. Razor

The razor is the traditional and most ancient way of shaving. Though this method can work, it is challenging and risky. The skin covering the scrotum is very sensitive, and with very little force you can make a severe cut. Using a razor requires you to be very careful, a fact which you cannot guarantee yourself as you won’t be able to see the lower part. Improper use of razor can make your balls itchy for some days, and this can be an embarrassing ordeal, especially when you are in a public place.

3. A pair of scissors

Using scissors is similar to a razor with only a negligible difference in handling. Though it is still possible to use scissors, you need to be very careful or with one mistake you could be going to the ER.

4. Electrolysis

This is a new and uncommon practice. It involves using an electrical current and fine needles to remove hair follicles. This operation is generally painful, even when performed in other parts of the skin, I can only imagine how it would feel when done on your balls.

5. Waxing

Just from the name, it is not the most pleasant male pubic hair removal method. It involves pouring hot liquid wax on the balls and then it is let to cool and solidify. The hardened wax can then be scraped off to pull out the hairs. It is not a conventional technique as it sounds more of torture.

6. Laser removal

Laser ray can be a more permanent solution. The use of such strong beams on the balls sounds crazy given there is a possibility of bruise formation.

Shaving the genitals by either laser or electrolysis are unfamiliar methods that require a professional, furthermore less is known about where you can get these services and at what price.

The best way to get your manhood clean is the one that you can afford, leaves you no bruise and helps you achieve your goal of getting clean balls.

Know This Before Removing Pubic Hair

Just as the skin of the penis is sensitive to pleasure, it is also sensitive to pain. Be vigilant when shaving. Any bruise can be nothing but painful. Remember your balls are not the same as your face, make sure to be gentle.

Get the right method that works for you. For example, cream can be an excellent tool to use, but some people’s skin can react to creams. You don’t want to have to explain to a lady how you got bruises on your balls. Use the cream for sensitive skin.

Finally, embrace grooming down there for more sexual pleasure and hygiene.

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