Try These Kid-Friendly Crafts To Reuse Plastic Bottles

Everyone knows just how bad plastic bottles can be for the environment, and yet we keep using them anyway. In fact, today the world makes and consumes about 600 billion pounds of plastic yearly, and the market is still growing roughly 5% every year. Clearly, people want to use their plastic bottles, but there are better things to do with them when you’re done using them than throw them out. Collect some plastic bottles this week with your kids to use for these fun, kid-friendly crafts that can help save the environment.

  • Recycled bird feeders: Not only can you help keep the oceans clean, you can help local wildlife too with this fun activity. Get a few old wooden cooking spoons and a pair of scissors for this. Carefully cut one pair of small holes on either side of the bottle for each spoon you have, then run the handle of the spoons through the bottle to make a perch for birds. Fill the bottle with birdseed and hang in a tree, and you’ve got a recycled bird feeder your kids can use to learn about local birds.
  • Custom planters or seed starters: This craft is perfect for the family with green thumbs. Cut plastic bottles across the bottom and fill with soil for a simple seed starter or a small planter. Have fun decorating these; get creative by making them look like animals, people, or just paint them fun colors that your kids will love.
  • No-sew zipper case: These no-sew cases make perfect pencil cases for the eco-friendly young learner. Cut the bottle near the bottom, and either use glue or double-sided tape to secure the zipper to both sides. The result? A simple pencil case that’s perfect to take to school, work, or wherever.

Instead of letting your plastic water bottles become litter or sit in a landfill, use these clever crafts to teach your kids about the environment and recycling. They’ll have plenty of fun and save the environment at the same time.

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