Top Reasons to Send your Child to a Cambridge Daycare Center

Sending children to a Cambridge daycare center is a wise option for parents who work during the day. Daycare has so many benefits which can be enjoyed by both children and parents. Early childhood training and education is intended to develop and mold a child’s mind, which as they grow into adulthood will help form the foundation of their life journey. In addition, daycare is also a great idea if the parents would want early exposure of their kids to the world outside their home or their comfort zone.

Benefits of sending children to a Cambridge daycare center

Sending your child to a Cambridge daycare is quite a big decision to make for parents. But is good to know that there are a lot of advantages that the child can get when he or she had experienced going to daycare. Here is a list of benefits for parents who are still deciding whether to send their children to a Cambridge daycare center.

1) Daycare will teach children on how to be socially interactive

Social interaction is one crucial aspect that children need to be learned by children even at an early age. Children can overcome shyness and cultivate friendship by educating them how to socialize with other individuals. This is also one way to encourage them to build confidence in themselves. They will be able to know how to adapt to the various characters they will encounter. This would also allow them to learn how to interact with one another and take turns. When children are allowed to engage and communicate with other individuals, they develop their interpersonal skills sooner rather than later.

One of the main benefits children can get from attending daycare is learning how to establish friendships. In daycare, children also acquire a well-needed respect and sensitivity for other children. It is necessary that children are taught on how to get along with each other and play with each other as they will be interacting with other kids for their entire school life in one manner or another, not to mention their lives in general. The daycare can deliver proper social skill-building, primarily for kids that have no siblings or have had constrained relationships with other kids up to this time. Learning how to make friends is one of the primary steps that can lead to other behavior that a child should learn about to adjust well with the society.

For example, to be perceived as socially accepted later on in life, children must learn to share and compromise. If you have ever witnessed a group of children in daycare, here you will understand fully that learning to share is a major element of the daycare practice. Children are taught that it is best to practice “give and take” because it will always be a part of any significant interactions that they will be doing all throughout their lives. They will also be able to understand the importance to have some compassion for others— for instance, when Sally takes the doll from Sue, the daycare staff can point out that Sue is weeping because she just likes the doll Sally took away from her and ask Sally how she would feel if it was the other way around.

2) Daycare will establish a structure to a child’s life

Small children grow and thrive on schedules and routines. This much needed structure can be provided by a good quality daycare center by observing daily routines. Learning how to be socially interactive is not the only benefit that children can gain in daycare. The organized and structured learning atmosphere will further help them in learning discipline. There is a fixed schedule that daycare centers follow for activities to be done all throughout the day. This usually includes nursery songs singing, playtime, eating, and storytelling. These recreational activities are essential to the mental growth and development of a young child. These structured learning and playing periods will enable children to learn and discover more of the world and environment around them.

3) Daycare fosters faster development for a child’s language and communication skills

A good daycare center gives children the chance to begin socializing or interacting with new people at an early age. This social interaction with friends will encourage them to learn and develop their ability to communicate and express. A study conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health shows that kids who go to daycare centers have greater cognitive development as opposed to those who have not. Having to leave your child with only a child care provider may be hard at first, because it will be very detrimental to the growth of a child which will impact their future.

Daycare centers have educated and highly skilled staff who has proven strategies that works to facilitate the communication and language development of a child. This constitutes teaching them the alphabet, phonetics, numbers, colors, and shapes. Parents sometimes have no time to do this, especially when both the mom and dad are working, but the staff in the daycare center are experts in this area.

4) Daycare helps prepare children for school

Children grow up pretty fast and soon enough they should be ready to go to school. A child who already has attended daycare most likely have an easier transition time to go to a proper school. Daycare trains and prepared children for school as well as gives them the confidence to explore more. Also, study shows that children who had attended daycare perform much better than those who did not. In 2016, a research revealed that children attending a structured daycare program had better skills in reading and math compared to those children who have been attending an informal, home-based learning program.

5) Daycare enables families to thrive

It can become a lengthy decision-making process to make sure that parents are going to choose a daycare that will both suit them and their child as well. Nevertheless, the advantages are apparent, notably for the children. There are high-quality daycare centers which provide children with guidance and motivation. Typically, they also provide activities that will boost the intellectual growth and progress for infants and toddlers. While the children are being taught in daycare, the parents can also continue working their day jobs and boost their efficiency.

6) Daycare helps reduce a child’s  anxiety

Most often than not, separation anxiety is really notable on children which usually develop around their first birthday. Unfortunately, for some parents, kids will continue having this anxiety for several years in differing extents. A child who had attended daycare is bound to have a considerably reduced amount of anxiety when it comes for them to go to kindergarten, as he or she will have already faced with separation from his parents at an early age. Children in a Cambridge daycare center will quickly learn how to adjust in another environment with another set of rules aside from the ones they have at home. Children who have never been in any kind of daycare, or maybe even a childcare situation with lots of kids, usually will be so much more anxious or nervous whenever the unexpected occurs or even just when new people come along as opposed to those children who are already exposed and well-adapted to a daycare center flexibility.

7) Daycare promotes independence

Children who are in a daycare learn to be far more independent than those who are not since they are compelled to be on their own, without their parents following them around all day long. This specific sort of independence promotes kids to communicate and interact with other kids in their school and with their teachers. It will also encourage to try out new things away from their comfort zone without apprehension or fear. The usual limits are being pushed for children who are in a daycare, and soon enough they learn that it is okay and that they should not be scared when mommy and daddy are not around with them. When the children learn to be independent, it will give them confidence in themselves, making them not just to be successful students of the future, but also become confident and successful adults.

A final thought on sending your child to a Cambridge daycare center

Sending your child to a Cambridge daycare center has a lot of benefits that will help them develop the fundamental necessities that they need to succeed later on in their life. While the above-mentioned rewards are important for children, parents also eventually benefit in the long run. Daycare is much more than just following the scheduled time for play and nap. There are basic academic advantages as well as they also teach them the basics about alphabets and numbers. Cambridge daycare centers help accelerate the pacing of children to be more well-rounded people as they grow into adults and this is extremely valuable. It would be best for you and your child to not miss the chance of reaping the benefits of sending them into a daycare center.

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