Things to Do With Your Kids Over the Holiday Break

As a kid, one of the best things about the holidays approaching, besides great food, gifts and seeing your family, is being off from school. Kids work hard in class and as parents we should reward them on their break by planning activities that are fun but still educational.

There are tourist attractions around your town that get overlooked by residents, many are actually well worth a visit.

If you happen to be in Indianapolis with family (as I will be), The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a great place to take the kids (you will enjoy it just as much as they do) to keep them occupied for hours while learning new things. The holidays are the perfect time to take the family because there are new attractions.

Starting on Black Friday and running through January 8, the kids will be able to enjoy an exhibit called Jolly Days Winter Wonder. They will love sliding down the full-story high “yule slide” that curves around as they glide down to the bottom. I don’t know who screamed and laughed more the last time we were there but the whole family enjoyed it.

The fun doesn’t stop there though:

  • The kids can have the fun of playing outdoors while being warm and dry indoors by the ice fishing hole and snow castle.
  • A reindeer stable where kids can pet and groom Santa’s reindeer (stuffed reindeer).
  • A theater with entertaining programming for the kids.
  • Even an area for the infants and toddlers to play in the snow castle.

The children can also meet and take a photo with Santa while telling him everything that they want for Christmas. Don’t forget all of this is just one part of the Children’s Museum. There is still much more to see and do.

If you’re anything like me, once you return from the museum you (and the kids!) will have worked up an appetite. Baking cookies is an activity that everyone will be eager to do and sitting down together eating them with some hot cocoa or milk is fun too. Get the kids to help you bake them. They will learn to be comfortable in the kitchen and you can teach them safety tips about the oven and different utensils.

Another great idea for you and your kids to do that will lift the spirits of others is writing letters to soldiers deployed overseas. The soldiers are away from their families and children so when they hear from other kids and people who appreciate their service it lifts their spirits. You can tell your kids that they are helping the troops out and they will think that’s pretty awesome too.

[About the author: Nan is a fitness expert and marketer who loves traveling the world to advise at sporting events. When she’s stateside, she enjoys spending time volunteering at environmental organizations and spending time with her lab mix, Cody.]
Image: Shandi-lee at Flickr

One thought on “Things to Do With Your Kids Over the Holiday Break

  • There are soooo many wonderful things to do during the holidays. But, going to the snow if you don’t live IN SNOW has got to be one of the best!


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