Teaching Kids The Basics Of Fly Fishing

According to the Outdoor Foundation, 15.8% of the population in the United States participate in fishing activities at least once every year. Further studies show that there was an increase in youth participation in fly fishing, which reached up to 14.7% in 2019. These numbers show that there is a growing interest in fishing in the younger generation today. And since Spring is the  best time to plan your next fishing trip, why not teach your kids the basics of fly fishing?

Start Practicing At Home 

Teaching children how to cast a line in the water should be done at home. This way, they will be accustomed to the weight of the rod, the manner in which they should cast the line, and even learn how to tie the fly. If they are ready, you can check out various flies for sale and let them choose one they like the best.

It is always an excellent idea to keep the children more proactive in selecting their own gear. Fortunately, there is no shortage of fishing flies and rods as fishing is among the top recreational activities for families to do during summer.

Scout The Best “First” Location 

Scouting the perfect spot in your favorite watering hole is always a great way to introduce your children to the hobby. Showing the young ones how to choose a spot to fish is essential as it helps them understand what to look for in the future. The best location is usually a flat area where there are no obstacles that may cause the lines to get tangled or find yourself overwhelmed. Another factor to consider is if there is ample space to set up a tent or some chairs to rest on while fishing.

Manage Everyone’s Expectations – Including Yours

Always manage expectations when fishing with your children. Let the kids explore the river banks, get used to tying the flies on the line, and even cool themselves in the water. This will help them understand when to reel in the fish for eating and when to release it back into the water.

Fly fishing is a fun recreational activity that dads can do with their children especially during Spring. Teaching them to practice at home and then taking them by the river to cast a line is a brilliant way to bond with your children without the use of gadgets and technology that they’re accustomed to today.

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