Recreation Options To Give Your Children Lasting Memories

Use That Backyard

Children like to be stimulated in a “fun” way all the time. While they can entertain themselves for hours in a patch of empty dirt, their explorative, curious nature will definitely transcend such entertainment. But you want to foster that imagination. There’s a balance to be achieved.

Your children must be able to use their imagination, but they shouldn’t be so bereft of imagination fodder that doing so is a chore to them. When using your imagination becomes a chore, you’ll be less likely to do it.

You yourself understand exactly how true this is. Everyone in life has a proclivity, a habit, or a talent which can be put to productive use. The reason so many of us don’t put our talents to use is because we become weary. Using our imaginations to derive new solutions, upgrades, and features gets difficult quickly.

The key to keep from becoming immediately worn out is to find a balance between facilitating critical, imaginative thought, and allowing it to bubble up all on its own. In the backyard are many opportunities to do just this thing.

A Treehouse or Clubhouse

books-1274964_960_720Did you have a treehouse in your backyard as a kid? What were some of the games you played? Were you like Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes? Did you have your own club replete with local kids? Were you like the boys in Tom Sawyer who formed their own “pirate band”? Just such a place that is safe for the imagination to run wild is perfect for your child.

Think of Pavlov. Pavlov was a Russian scientist who would ring a bell when he fed dogs treats. Eventually, they would drool when he rang the bell because they subconsciously expected a treat. In like manner, giving your children a place intended for exercise of imagination will make it possible to turn their imaginative faculties on just like flipping a switch. In this case, the switch becomes whichever treehouse or clubhouse you’ve put together for them.

If your backyard doesn’t have a tree, not to worry! Pre-engineered metal buildings are inexpensive, can shelter your children from the elements, and are excellent fodder for a clubhouse. According to Fidelity Steel, “…for garages, storage spaces, barns, airplane hangars, etc. … prefabricated metal buildings are right up your alley.”

This building can have additional utility as well. Do you have access to an alley from your backyard? Pick up a garage kit and order it twice the length you need. Then stick a partition down the middle. The half facing the alley can be your new garage, the half facing the backyard can be your kids’ playhouse. This has the additional advantage of allowing you to hear what they’re up to while you work in the garage.

Play it strategically enough, you can stop poor activity before it starts without them being any the wiser, and use the same advantage to encourage good imagination when it comes around. That’s the thing about imagination: it’s a double-edged sword. The human condition predicates that anyone using this implement of thought will have ideas that are good and ideas that are bad. Those which are encouraged are those which will eventually end up informing your child’s development.

The Sandbox

sandbox-1583289_960_720Installing a sandbox in your backyard is a great idea, but the metaphor is what this portion of the blog is concerned about. In a sandbox, you have an open template to create and imagine how you like. Video games today are adopting this motif in design, but it is limited by the games themselves.

A treehouse, a clubhouse, an actual sandbox — these are three better ideas you can implement in your own backyard that will help encourage your children to think critically, and ultimately succeed in life.

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