Promoting Children’s Outreach in Florida with Gregory Fishman

Finding a cause other than yourself can create a sense of fellowship and compassion for others. For many, working with charitable organizations and causes that touch our hearts are helpful in learning how to be more giving and understanding of those who are struggling. Gregory Fishman, the CEO of Resolvly, in Boca Raton, understands the need for compassion and due diligence for others, focusing his efforts on helping children at the UF Health Shands Hospital along with several other organizations in the state.

At UF Health Shands Hospital, the training facility at the University of Florida helps to provide much-needed care and treatment to children who are suffering from debilitating diseases. Every year, students in college as well as high school in the state of Florida and Georgie, work to raise funds for kids who are patients of the hospital.

Once Greg found out about this program, he wanted to help. Helping others learn more about the program known as Dance Marathon as well as provide monetary assistance, Greg has helped to provide students with a way to help others. The students participating in the program are able to reach out to patients of the hospital, providing funds that can be used by families for their medical needs.

As the students learn more about fundraising and how to help, they gain a sense of accomplishment as well as learn how good it feels to help others. The students have been able to give more, setting themselves up for success by learning how to be more compassionate as well as working towards a common goal.

Additional Charitable Works

Greg is not only heavily involved with the UF Shands Hospital, but he also works with other organizations, with a passion to help animals as well as women and children. Greg supports the Dharamshala Animal Rescue by helping to donate to no-kill animal shelters. He also supports the Milagro Center and the Children’s Academy to ensure the academic success of children as well as socio-economic welfare.

Learning how to help others by giving time as well as donations can provide one with a sense of accomplishment. By working directly with charitable organizations, you can see firsthand how those in need are affected. Watch as the donation dollars go to work, assisting financially as well as in other ways, such as items needed for success along with support and compassion for those in need.

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