Kickin’ Back: How To Throw A Party For Your Child’s Sports Team

The Fall school sports season is coming to a close, and that means it’s time to throw an end-of-season party. Whether your child is one of the 25 million kids who play soccer around the world, or they enjoy another sport, there is no better way to celebrate a successful season than to gather with teammates, coaches, and parents.

If you signed up to host the party, you might be feeling some pressure. But with the right preparation, you can throw an unforgettable sports gathering for your child and their friends. This guide will help you get ready before the party and be the best host possible as your guests enjoy themselves.

The Preparation

By starting party prep ahead of time, you can make every detail stand out. The following are just some ideas to get you started.

    • Make decorations ahead of time. You might decide to hand posters, photos of the team, or other sport-related decorations around the house. Be sure to do this ahead of time to let yourself be creative. Your child might want to help out, so ask them if they have any decor ideas.
    • Get an accurate headcount. While you know that the team and coaches will come, be sure to find out which parents and siblings will be there as well. This way, you can order enough food and drinks.
    • Ask other parents to pitch in. Party planning can be a great opportunity to get to know other team parents. Ask if anyone else is interested in helping with the preparation. It always helps to have multiple hands on board.

During The Party

While you should try to enjoy yourself, these tips will help you wear your host hat during the event.

    • Let the kids bond. It can be tempting to plan every moment of the party,
      but try to let the team just hang out. Most team bonding happens off of the field, and they are likely excited about their season.
    • Have a sports game on in the background. Millions of fans watch NFL football during the week, with this number peaking at 111.3 million for the super bowl, end of season parties are the perfect time to turn on your favorite team. Not a football fan? There are probably some soccer games to flip through as well while your guests mingle.
    • Make time for recognition. Team parties are the perfect time for the coaches and captains to make short speeches. The team might decide to hand out paper plate awards or simply share favorite moments. Either way, make time and designate a space for these moments of recognition.

Remember: This party is for your child and their peers, so try to involve your child in the preparation process. They will know which decorations, activities, and food are best for their teammates. By taking their opinion into consideration and preparing ahead of time, you can help the team kick back and celebrate a season well played.

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