Importance of Good Sleep Habits in your Kids

Many of your habits are passed down to your kids, and they carry many of the habits that they learn at a young age through their adulthood. This means that instilling basic day-to-day habits like eating well and taking time to exercise can help your children grow into healthy adults who do the same thing. One habit that you might not realize that you’re passing on is your sleep schedule. If you stay up all hours of the night, drink excessive caffeine, and stare endlessly at your phone, then your kids might do that too. These habits are damaging for adults, but they can really impact kids and teens, as they need sleep to get good grades in school and balance their health.

For example, eating or drinking foods with high levels of caffeine before bed can keep you awake even if you’re not normally affected by them. While you might not get a traditional “sugar or caffeine rush” that some people experience, it can still take you longer to fall asleep and make you toss and turn for almost an hour before nodding off. Making simple choices like cutting out caffeine six hours before bed and limiting foods like ice cream, candy, and soda can help families sleep better. Removing these foods, especially when you replace them with drinking more water or milk, has the added benefit of teaching healthy habits.

To learn more about how you can improve your sleep schedule to benefit your whole family, check out this infographic by AC Southeast. You might pick up a few easy tips for improving your sleep quality while teaching your family quality sleep habits that they’ll practice throughout their lives.

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