How to Make Taking Photos with Your Kids an Easier Task

As a parent, it’s often impossible not to take photos of your kids. You will want to document every stage of their lives, so you have lots of memories to look back on once they have grown up.

However, as any parent will tell you, kids often have other ideas. No matter how hard you try or how much you plead, sometimes getting kids to stay still for a picture is impossible. Children have famously short attention spans, it can be hard to get them to sit still for a second, let alone for a carefully staged photo. If you’re struggling, we’ve listed a few tips that can help taking photos with your kids an easier task. Read on to check them out.

Think About the End Result

Often, kids won’t be interested in getting their photos taken because they don’t understand them. If you can sit down with your kids and explain to them, or even show them, how amazing the photos will be, they will be more willing to take part and sit still.

Even better, using a photo book maker can give you a special project to work towards. You’ll have something tangible at the end of the process that you and your kids can hold and look through together. Focusing on the end result can make the process far easier for all involved.

Forget About the Poses

We all love the idea of getting together as a family and posing for a beautiful photograph that can hang on the mantelpiece or go on a Christmas card. In reality, getting young kids to pose for such a photograph can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

You’ve got to learn when you’re beat, if your kids don’t want to do something, sometimes it’s best not to force them. However, don’t despair and assume this means you’ll never be able to get photos of your kids, you’ll just need to think outside of the box.

Rather than trying to get your kids to pose and risking a tantrum, you should instead approach things in a more natural way. Get snaps of your kids as they play and run around, as they would be naturally rather than trying to get them to do something they’re uncomfortable with.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

Kids don’t want to take things too seriously, and if you want to get the best possible pictures with them, you shouldn’t either. Take a fun and playful approach, encourage silly faces, and make a game out of the whole process. This will make everything much easier and will ensure your kids don’t get bored or frustrated.

As we mentioned earlier, kids have shorter attention spans than adults. By keeping things fun and interesting you’ll keep them engaged for much longer.


Trying to take photos with your kids can be a trying affair. Focusing on the end result, forgetting about poses, and keeping things fun and lighthearted can be the best ways to go about it and to ensure you get the perfect snaps of yourself and your family.

Image: Unsplash