How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Home

Now that you’ve moved into a new home, safety is your top priority. The last thing you want to see happen is an accident that results in injury to you or your child. Fortunately, by adopting the right strategies to use with what you know about your children, keeping everyone safe shouldn’t be too challenging. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your kids safe at home.

Limit Access to Stairs

Any time of day will likely be exciting and fun, especially when there is a lot of running around involved. Install safety gates for children to protect your children’s health and keep them from tripping and falling down stairs. Locate these gates strategically throughout the home, then, be sure to accompany the gates with gentle verbal reminders to let your child know it’s healthier to stay in a specific portion of the house. No parent wants to see their children running outside unexpectedly. Especially considering more than 13 million households get their drinking water from private wells. Yet another reason you want to limit your children’s access to stairs. You wouldn’t want them to fall in a well, or worse!

Use Cord Holders and Power Socket Covers

Electricity is what keeps your home functioning efficiently. You can’t get away from it, televisions, appliances, devices, and their chargers, technology is everywhere. But cords and wires pose a significant choking risk to your kids. Without proper care, a child can wrap the cord around their head or puncture the wires and get hurt. The risk of electric shock is as scary as the potential for choking. So, use cord holders as they’re designed to bunch the cords up together and keep them away from your child’s curious eyes. Additionally, power socket covers are an excellent way to keep your child’s fingers away from electricity. The extra steps you use to keep your child’s health secure will all be worth it at the end of the day.

Lock Away Tools and Equipment

There are plenty of tools and equipment throughout your home that could pose all sorts of risks. From power tools and hand tools to vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers, every item in your home used to keep the house sturdy can be a hazard in the hands of your children. Lock away all tools, all equipment, because a child won’t know what to do with the equipment. Just imagine entering the garage and seeing that your child used a ladder to somehow climb onto the roof. Roof Advisor suggests replacing asphalt shingle roofs every 15 to 30 years, so, fortunately, if your tools are locked away, you take away your child’s ability to get somewhere disastrous.

Remove Poisons and Hazardous Chemicals

From household cleaners to insecticides, antifreeze, dishwasher detergents, and more, the number of hazardous chemicals in your home will surely multiply the longer you live there. Remove these items by placing them somewhere where they’re either locked up or tucked away somewhere too high for a child to reach. Getting even a little bit of these chemicals into your system can be extremely dangerous, especially if it’s a child involved. But hazardous chemicals are even in places you might not see, like water tanks that contain water for human consumption. This is why 100% of water tanks require protective coatings and linings. So, as a homeowner and a parent, you can clearly see that everything in your home that needs to function efficiently may have a chemical or poison that keeps it working. Lock this stuff away and your children will be safe. Why take a chance and put your family’s health at risk?

Once you’ve made these adjustments to keep your children safe, now’s the time to double-check. Secure tall furniture to the wall and make sure small objects aren’t readily available to children. You’ll see that the trick to keeping your children safe is understanding what the risks are. From there, safety is a matter of responding to the risks quickly. That’s how you keep your kids safe, for now, and forever.

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