How to Help Your Child Get Started With Babysitting

Babysitting is one job that will always be in demand, as long as there are parents there will be people that want a night off from their child or children.

Of course, many of these people will choose to use reputable and experienced babysitting services from businesses capable of supplying babysitters and nannies.

But, everyone has to start somewhere. If your child wants to start earning money by babysitting then you should be encouraging this. After all, it may be the first step toward a passion in life or just a valuable life experience.

The good news is that you can help them get started:

Childcare Basics

You can’t look after a baby or young child unless you know what to expect and how to handle them. You can teach your child the basics of childcare. This means an understanding of the most common emotions, how to deal with a frustrated and angry child and basic first aid knowledge.

Make sure your child knows this and practices it before they look after a child on their own.

Get Experience

If you have friends with children then explain to your friends what your child is doing and ask if they’ll let your child babysit for a few hours. This is a great way to test your child and let them build confidence regarding working with children.

It’s best for your child to do some one-on-one childcare and look after children in a group.

The Resumé

Your next step is to start creating the resumé for your child. This highlights the experience they’ve gained and their childcare skills. Creating a resumé allows potential paying clients to see their experience and qualifications. It also provides your child with valuable experience, it’s unlikely to be the last resumé they need to prepare.

The more examples you can include on this the better!


Now your child has the experience and knowledge it’s time to advertise their services. You should start locally but encourage friends and happy customers to tell others. Word of mouth is still a surprisingly effective way of advertising.

Of course, postcards in shops and adverts on social media can’t hurt your chances of being found and hired.

Practice Interviews

With your resumé public, you can assume your child is going to start needing to attend interviews. Now is a good time to start practicing those interviews. Pretend to be the interviewer and pose questions to your child.

They need to take the interview process seriously as they’ll want to do well in real interviews.


One babysitting job is not enough to keep you going. But, it can be the first recommendation on your CV. You can also post your job on social media, allowing you to expand your potential customer base. This will allow you to attract more customers and start building a babysitting business. Although this probably isn’t the aim of most students it can still help you to discover skills that can be used in daily life.

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