How Can You Turn Your Basement Into a Kids’ Playroom Paradise?

As a parent, you may have spent some time contemplating how to redesign your child’s playroom. You’ve thought about fun ideas and radiant colors, wall decor for kids, and play-friendly environments, all with the intention of using your parenting skills to build a safe environment. If you’re a parent hoping to brighten up your child’s day, approach a bathroom-turned-playroom paradise project with these ideas in mind.

Schedule an Inspection

You likely wouldn’t think of scheduling an inspection to create a playroom, but consider the risks of not getting your home looked at by a few contractors before DIY renovating your basement. Think of indoor air pollution, which is 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Not having an HVAC specialist check on the air and heat in your home can lead to breathing problems for you and your children.

You also have to consider fire, choking, and tripping risks, as well as other health hazards in your basement that must be addressed to avoid problems like water damage, poor insulation, and plumbing issues. Having an expert inspect your basement before renovating it is parenting 101; the new playroom’s stability should be one of your top priorities during this project.

Obtain a Deep Clean

A home that’s lacking in cleanliness won’t be safe for your kids. More than 1.7 million people are currently employed in the cleaning industry, yet it is still forecasted to spur a 6% year-on-year growth in new jobs. The increase in demand for these jobs is one reason you should consider hiring a professional house cleaning service at least once a year to get your home clean.

These professionals will go beyond mere dusting and cleaning and sanitize the surfaces and cracks of your child’s playroom so that the air is clean and the surfaces are free of bacteria. Remember, skipping the deep cleaning process could pose health hazards to your family and children. So, while regular home upkeep is critical, so too is hiring qualified professionals who know how to deep clean a basement.

Design With Fun in Mind

Part of parenting is thinking of activities that can keep your child engaged for a long time. Because children have short attention spans, you’ll want to design the playroom with brilliant colors and wall decor featuring animal shapes. Add colorful mats to the floor to stimulate hours of playtime with fun toys.

Pick a Unique Color Scheme

Approach your home renovation project with the idea that the playroom can look completely different than the rest of the home. When choosing a color scheme, consider the color wheel. While it was developed back in 1706, it still remains an important tool to choose the best colors for a given space.

Opt for bright yellows and reds, and choose dark blues when the contrast between surrounding colors further brightens the area. Ideally, the room is bright, the color palette wide, and the colors bursting with energy. Take time to make sure the wallpaper, linens, toys, and furniture all match but still create a space that stimulates your children’s minds. You can certainly paint the walls yourself, too!

Consider Storage

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have owned the home for years, you’ll have the equipment, furniture, and decor that needs to be put away. If your family takes the seasons into consideration, there may be times when you want to swap out old possessions for new ones while switching from summer to autumn, or winter to spring.

Going forward, get in the habit of overestimating how much space you need for storage. This way, you’ll never pack more than you can, and you’ll always have time to trash items you no longer need. Think of your storage solutions from both a short-term and long-term perspective, and chances are, you’ll have enough space to create a playroom your child loves.

Consider storage in terms of the possessions in the playroom as well. Set up wall shelves, a bookshelf, and storage cubbies for ultimate organization. Teach your kids to put everything away in its designated spot each time they leave the playroom so it remains clean and organized.

None of the above solutions are too difficult to implement. That’s the good part about parenting; you can always make changes to your child’s environment over time. If parenting your child well means renovating your home to include a playroom, keep storage, fun, and colors in mind, and deep cleaning and inspections will turn into easy decisions to make.

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