Four Do’s and Don’ts for Handling Your Child’s Legal Troubles

8660707982_8c868ea218_zAs a parent, you guide them in the right direction, offer them advice, and send them on their way, but you can’t control what your kids do. When you find that your child is in legal trouble, it can be depressing. You want them to be successful and getting into trouble moves them in the wrong direction. From law enforcement to legal professionals, you will have to deal with several important people if you want to help your child get out of their legal troubles.

When you do find that your child has broken the law, they don’t always understand the implications of what they have done and how it can follow them for the rest of their life. This is why it is important to help your child get out of the legal trouble they’ve found themselves in so it does not follow them forever.

Do Retain the Proper Lawyer

When it comes to your child’s legal troubles, not just any lawyer will do. You want to hire an attorney with experience dealing with minors and a variety of legal problems. For example, on the website for the Law Office of Michael A. Troiano,, you can find a list of his different legal specialties. This is the kind of analysis you need to do. Because the justice system handles minors much differently than adults, you need an attorney who is going to know the process and can work with the local authorities to help get the situation handled.

Don’t Depend on the Authorities

Should you decide not to hire an attorney, you could be making a bad decision for your child. The police could provide you with the wrong advice unintentionally leading you and your child into further legal problems. It is best to get advice from a legal professional who handles these types of cases daily and can help you understand what to expect. They can do everything from requesting the minor to be released to convincing the D.A. to file lesser charges. This could mean a reduction in jail time and removal from their record faster.

Do Communicate All Information

When dealing with your child’s legal troubles, you need to give your legal advisor a good idea of what your child is about. If your child has any mental disorders or learning disabilities, this is important to share. No one knows your child more than you do, and by providing the legal expert with referrals, report cards, and other information about your child, this helps the lawyer to assess your child’s behavior and help them present your case to the judge.

Don’t Take It Personally

You could be the best dad ever and your child still find themselves in legal trouble. Just because your child veers off course, it doesn’t mean all is lost. In fact, there is still plenty of time for them to turn their life around and get back on course. Dealing with these legal matters can help you and your child become closer as you will both need to work together during this time to get through it. It is crucial that you do not take your child’s bad actions personally. Everyone makes mistakes and you should allow your child to make those mistakes so they can learn and grow from them. While it can be difficult to see them go through this, you have to be supportive without bailing them out altogether.

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