5 Cute Birthday Bash Decorations For Your Children

Birthdays are one of the most important days in our children’s lives. It’s the only day they look forward to the most as it’s the time when their family and friends get together and they get their very own party full of fun and presents. There are balloons, colorful buntings and colorful rainbow roses that add absolute happiness into the air. So if you want to add some special effects to your child’s next birthday party, here are some excellent party decorations which are a lot more fun than the usual streamers and balloons.

  1. Balloon banner

We all see those impressive balloon banners at corporate parties and large charity events, and secretly wish to have one at our children’s birthday parties as well. It’s time you have one yourself too! To get started, simply thread some balloons onto a twine all the way until you get the banner length you need. Install it wherever you like at your home. It’s nothing more than a grand statement which comes at a minimal cost and can be easily done with a few balloons.

  1. Bunting flags

Love those colorful sweet buntings popping up everywhere on birthday parties? Well, let’s kick things up a notch be a bit more creative to make a flag out of buntings? There are various free bunting flag templates available on the internet which one can download and print. All what remains next is to paint it with your favorite colors, tape it to a bamboo and your bunting flag is ready to beak the birthday party ground. Making it is fun and you can get your kids to join you in making them.

  1. Word pennants

Another great kids’ birthday party decoration is a name pennant decorated by pom-poms. It consists of wire-frame letters and you can attach pom-poms to them in order to create a unique pennant. Just spell out the name of the birthday boy or girl name in colorful letters, or make a “Happy Birthday” banner which you can use over and over again. It’s worth all the time you will be spending on it.

  1. Ginormous flowers

Flowers are very important in birthday party decorations if you are arranging it for a girl. They may not go very well with boys, unless your boy has some profound tastes, but they go awesomely well with girls. You can create a fantasy world with lovely colorful flowers or even jot multiple flowers together to form a ginormous flower. If flowers are expensive in your area you can also make these ginormous flowers out of paper. The chore involves cutting, shaping and gluing big pieces of paper and shaping them all into large colorful blooms. They will definitely be a perfect decoration for fairy-themed parties.

  1. Fabric balloons

Balloons are always there at birthday parties, but every now and then you get to hear a loud bang as they pop. With fabric balloons there is no worry about these loud bangs. To make these, all you need to do is to soak pieces of fabric in stiffener which is easily available at all craft and fabric stores and then wrap the pieces of fabric around blown-up balloons. Let them dry and then pop the balloon inside. You’ll be left with a nice fabric balloon which holds its shape perfectly.

Photo by Sofiya Levchenko on Unsplash

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