4 Reasons The LEGO Batman Movie Is Perfect For Kids

It can difficult for parents these days to judge which movies are both appropriate and enjoyable for their children. Plenty of superhero projects look like they’d be great on the surface and fun for kids and adults. Still, increasingly seeing scary moments, intense violence, and more mature content in these same movies makes them tricky to judge. Even the new Power Rangers movie looks to have some dark stuff in it, such that it might be scary for younger children.

For parents who are always on the lookout for the perfect movie for their kids, or even the right introduction to superhero entertainment, 2017 is offering an easy answer. Warner Bros. The LEGO Batman Movie looks like the perfect option for kids and families, I suggest getting the best pocket projectors to watch movies with your kids.

1. Everyone Loved The LEGO Movie

That sounds like an opinion or a blanket statement, but it’s almost universally true. Everyone loved The LEGO Movie, and it got plenty of praise specifically for being equally fun for kids and their parents. While the upcoming animated Batman flick isn’t exactly a sequel, it builds on the unique look and great humor that made the first movie such a gem.

2. There’s Humor For All

Speaking of that humor, it looks as though The LEGO Batman Movie will be equally funny for kids and adults. For instance, the movie will apparently highlight the unique relationship of Batman and Robin in a way that will appeal to parents while sailing over the heads of most kids. They’ll just appreciate Robin’s sillier gags. There are also jokes that everyone might enjoy equally, such as Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) telling Batman he might need to revoke his computer privileges. This movie should make just about everybody laugh.

3. It’s A Perfect Character Introduction

Every child should grow up knowing Batman, his allies, and his enemies, and this movie seems to include most of them. The Christopher Nolan movies have introduced a steady trickle of villains like the Joker, Catwoman, and Bane, but we’re starting to see a resurgence of characters better known through the comics or earlier movies. Interestingly enough, a collection of pop fiction-based slot games online was recently updated to include various homages to Batman allies and villains. The new slot reels all include Batman, but also contain shout-outs to the likes of the Riddler, Batgirl, and Mr. Freeze, with the iconic look of the 1996 Adam West film. These are the types of characters we expect to see in The LEGO Batman Movie, making it an ideal introduction for your kids.

4. It’s A Rare Spring Highlight

The spring movie slate is usually pretty limited and this year is no exception. We seem to be looking ahead to a few months of mostly second-tier action films and movies that missed the cut for 2016’s Oscars season. It’s not uncommon for a year’s movie schedule to be weighted this way, with more interesting projects coming during the summer and fall. But The LEGO Batman Movie looks like a rare spring gem, which means it shouldn’t be missed if your kids like to go to the movies!

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