3 Tips for Getting Kids to Embrace Nature This Summer

Your kids are about to start their vacation, and it probably takes a lot of work to plan entertaining activities when they only want to stay home with their computers and video games. Many concerned parents want their children to go outside and enjoy the summertime around nature as kids did before. Luckily, there are several things you can do to get them out of the house. Let’s find out more!

1. Buy a Bicycle, Skateboard, or Hoverboard

Kids don’t spend that much time outdoors nowadays because there are better things to do inside. They can talk to their friends online and have a lot of fun remotely, going on virtual adventures or discussing their favorite topics. It seems almost worthless to play like the older generation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

Parents can encourage their children to leave the house during the summer with a bicycle, hoverboard, skateboard, and/or skates. These activities have never gone out of style. They’re just competing with other entertainment that pulls them away from nature. Still, if your child gets one of these, the other kids will tell their parents, and soon, they might all be running outside like in old times.

These micro-mobility items offer your children more freedom in the real world to explore the neighborhood and find adventures outside. However, being careful is crucial because 857 bicyclists died in 2018 during bike collisions. Buy them helmets and other protective gear.

Teach them to ride correctly and warn them about stranger danger if they’re out of sight. It’s easy to get comfortable at home because no trouble can affect them, but you’ll see that children still like to explore the outside and nature as long as they have a way to do it. They’ll be riding and rolling around the neighborhood in no time.

2. Don’t Make Your Home Too Comfortable

It sounds counterproductive, but the main reason why your children don’t go outside is because their homes are perfect and comfortable havens. If you have managed to make a solid place for your children, you have succeeded as a parent, but there are a few tricks you can follow to motivate them to enjoy the sunshine and the smell of flowers without taking their comforts away.

First, assign new but tiring chores. Tell your kids you don’t want them to be lazy in the summer. You can include a few outdoor activities, such as gardening, which connects them with nature, and take them on picking-fruit excursions, for example.

You should also reduce the air conditioning use at home. Tell them it’s to save money. According to Energy Star, heating and cooling constitute between 50% and 70% of energy usage in a household in the United States. If their environment gets hotter than usual, they’ll want to be outside and enjoy the natural breeze.

3. Consider Moving

Not every kid grows up in the suburbs, surrounded by park areas, trees, or a garden. Many children live their entire lives in an apartment in concrete cities that don’t offer many opportunities to enjoy nature. Therefore, it’s time to consider moving. As a parent, you must think about what’s best for your family, and your child will benefit from a house if you can afford it.

The moving industry in America was valued at $18 million in 2022. People are constantly moving, so hiring someone and changing your life so your children can grow up surrounded by nature wouldn’t be so hard. It could be complicated due to your job and other commitments, but it’s worth considering.

These tips should help your children see the bright side of going outside, meeting their friends, and embracing the nature around them. Just remember not to demand it. Forcing anything doesn’t work. Let them choose; soon enough, they’ll see that being outdoors is much better.