Homeschooling is hacking education

hackschoolingWe’re homeschoolers and we’re proud of it. We think it offers the best of both worlds to our kids, as they learn at their own rate, they get a lot of individual attention, and homeschooling (unschooling, in our case) allows them to learn about the things they most enjoy, in ways that many traditional schools don’t have the time or resources for. And we’re not alone.

Many parents have made the choice to take charge of their kids’ education by teaching them at home, and while it may not be for everyone (lack of time because both parents work outside the home, or lack of money if one parent were to stay home with the family, or perhaps some parents don’t feel as if they could “do” homeschooling), it has certainly worked for us and our children.

Here’s an inspiring talk from a young man, 13 year-old Logan LaPlante, who discusses his “hackschooling” experiences, and how hacking his education is helping him achieve his goals of being happy and healthy when he grows up:

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