7 Easy Home Science Experiments For Kids

Science can often be boring and even daunting to kids. We can’t blame them all the time, either. It’s mostly the fault of dull textbooks that fail to explain the subject clearly and in a fun way.

Ex-MIT Physics professor Walter Lewin once said, “teachers who make physics boring are criminals,” and quite rightly so. Subjects like Physics and Chemistry may seem dull and even meaningless to some people, but that’s because they’re not really understanding what’s going on behind those chemical reactions and physics experiments.

As your child has a much shorter attention span than you or any other full-sized human being, they need to be presented important information in a fun way. Kids-friendly science experiments go a long way in bridging the gap between what kids study in books and see in the real world. took a visual approach to covering 7 intriguing science experiments that are suitable to be performed by kids. You can check out the infographic below.

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