Top Air Conditioning Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

It’s hard to imagine a hot summer day without your air conditioner nowadays? They make the scorching days a bit more bearable, at least when we’re at home or asleep during the night. But this luxury comes with a cost. And if it seems like that cost is getting higher and higher, there are things you can do to stay cool and avoid an enormous bill you can’t pay.

Some of these practices should be common practice for anyone who owns this piece of equipment. Some of them include having your AC regularly inspected, using appropriate thermostat settings, updating old equipment, etc. If you want to learn more about how to save money on cooling this season, read on to find out what experts suggest.

Your HVAC Needs Frequent Maintenance

The best and most effective way to keep your cooling system running smoothly and efficiently is scheduling frequent maintenance with cooling experts. You should have your HVAC checked at least twice a year, during the less busy seasons such as spring and fall.

Cleaning the air filter is the simplest maintenance step every homeowner could take care of. You should do this at least once every two months. No matter how often you’ve replaced them, you should still inspect them at least once a week, especially during the summer when the cooling systems are working at full swing.

The reason is simple: the more often you use the HVAC, the more hair, dust, pollen and other microbes gather on the filter.

A dirty filter will not only affect the quality of air you breathe, it can hinder the HVAC’s performance. As a result, your electrical bill will spike significantly. Even worse, using a dirty filter for a while can break your system down completely. Even if you still have a warranty, if you did not replace your filter regularly the supplier likely won’t accept it.

Get More Shade in the Yard

Homeowners tend to forget that the sun’s rays can significantly heat up your home through the windows and the roof. Using blinds and curtains can help fend some of that heat off. But the easiest way to keep the sun away from your home is though smart landscaping.

Keep Your Thermostat in Check and Up to Date

According to the Department of Energy, 78 degrees is the ideal temperature in the summer to keep your cooling system as efficient as possible. If you live in a warm, humid area you shouldn’t set the thermostat over 80 degrees.

Using modern smart thermostats can help you keep your home climate in check. Programmable thermostats have a number of useful features that can help homeowners decrease their energy bills.

Use the Fans

Ceiling or other fans can be a great asset in keeping your cooling bill in check. If you set your fans to turn counterclockwise, they will push the cooled air towards the floor and keep your home cool. A fan can maintain pleasant temperature and humidity levels during the mild summer days and in the evening, so there’s no need to keep the HVAC running and sucking off electricity.

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