Tips to Guide You Through Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Is it time to upgrade your bathroom, and do you want to ensure its health is as strong as possible? Then, it’s a good idea to follow the steps below. These simple ideas help to streamline this process and ensure you get a great bathroom. All renovation projects should follow simple steps to ensure that you end up with the kind of fascinating and high-quality house design that makes sense for your family’s needs.

Consider an Inspection First

Did you know that homeowners rarely get the kind of inspections that they should keep their home strong? For example, about 23% of all homeowners have said that they don’t inspect their roof or other house areas unless they notice a problem. Many bathroom issues may be hard to spot.

So, call in an inspector and see if you have water-damaged floors, problems with water flow, plumbing damage concerns, and much more. They’ll walk you through this situation and give you a better understanding of what steps you should take to improve the quality of your bathroom.

Know Why You’re Changing Your Bathroom

Are you confident telling your friends and family members why you’re renovating your bathroom? If you don’t know why you are taking these steps, you need to consider them seriously. That’s because you might be making a mistake and should only upgrade a bathroom when necessary.

For example, 33% (or one-third) of all homeowners said they upgraded their master bathroom in 2020 because they couldn’t stand to look at it anymore. Do you want to overhaul the look or design of your bathroom or just its layout? Figure out what you want and minimize any complications.

Pick the Right Type of Bathroom

Choose a bathroom type that makes sense for your family and your home’s health. For instance, a standard bathroom contains a sink, toilet, shower, bathtub, or a combination of the latter two. This popular option is an excellent choice for master bathrooms and gives you a primary bathroom location.

Extra bathrooms can include half baths with a sink and a toilet or even a wet bathroom with a shower on the same floor as your toilet. Make the best choice in this situation and take the time to understand which bathroom is suitable for your specific upgrade situation.

Make Your Bathroom More Useful

When upgrading a bathroom, you need to make sure you take steps to make it not only more attractive but more functional as well. A more efficient and high-quality bathroom will make it easier for your family to enjoy it and will cut back on any concerns they might have with its overall operation.

For example, you should make sure to create a bathroom that is friendly for braces. Remember: of the four million people in the country currently with braces, three-quarters (75%) are younger than 18 and likely need a bathroom that provides help for their needs.

Create a Meaningful Layout

After choosing a few upgrades and renovations that make sense for your needs, it is time to make sure you choose a great layout. Your bathroom should have a flow that makes sense, such as an open floor with easy access to areas like the toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink.

Try to rearrange the fixtures and even the walls to get a better layout, paying attention to things like the quality of each fixture and their location. Make sure to work with your renovation team to produce excellent results, focusing on quality, aesthetics, and efficiency.

When rearranging your bathroom for improved family health, it is crucial to think of the bathtub location, the lighting situation, ventilation, and towel rails. Also, don’t forget to consider accessibility. If you want to age out in your home, the bathroom should be easily accessible and comfortable.

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