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Tiny houses can save the world, and our relationships

The world is moving at a fast pace. Competition is high in almost every industry. The people who lag behind very rarely have a chance to rejoin the fast lane. With the current rates of unemployment, many people accept whatever work they can get to make the ends meet. In such times, saving enough money to buy land and building a house becomes even more difficult. Unless you are lucky enough to have a relative leaving you behind a house and there is no one out there contesting a will, you have hope. But if that is not the case, we think that adopting a minimalist lifestyle and living in a tiny home is your best bet to save yourself from becoming homeless in the near future.

The truth is, living in a tiny home is sustainable and can also save the environment. Large houses need loads of electrical appliances, some of which may prove to be harmful to nature. Also, a place where there could be a tree, there is a useless room in case of a big house. Having a minimalistic lifestyle and living in a tiny home is something we collectively owe to our planet. Currently, we collectively consume more natural resources than our planet can manage to replenish. Sadly, the demand for these resources has doubled in the last 45 years.

For building the average 2,598sf house, one needs about 14,000sf of wood products such as plywood, and 16,000 board feet of lumber. This is roughly equal to 7 full logging trucks. Now if you add the concrete for foundation and petroleum based products for the development of roofs, metals for cooling and heating systems, and other similar ceramic-based products you will get an idea of how much actually goes into a house. Tiny houses, on the other hand, use very fewer resources, in contrast.

Living in tiny houses is also good for our relationships. Big houses allow everyone to have their own separate rooms and this creates distances in relationships and barriers in communication. It goes without saying that communication is nothing less than a corner stone of any functional family dynamic. In large houses, there are all numerous of nooks and crannies where families can disband to.  It’s very easy to hide behind a closed door when it comes to domestic conflicts. This leads to many unspoken things and also breeds mistrust. Large houses make it easier for people to avoid each other, but by living in a tiny house you get a level of connection in relationships that effortlessly support the family connection. Issues are easily and swiftly dealt with and this also prevents the unnecessary festering of resentment.

Living in a tiny house is cost effective as well. If we look at it collectively, we will find that living in a tiny home can actually save the world we live in and also our relationships. Large houses are just a display of wealth and are mainly useless. If you are a prudent person, you would definitely invest in a tiny house and keep your finances and family together, plus you know you have låne penger support for any financing emergency.

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